DITO Unveils Diversity and Talent in the Latest 'Galing DITO' Campaign


Get Ready to Showcase Your Excellence! "GALING DITO" returns this year, featuring more Filipino talents from across the nation, along with additional online promos and exciting prizes!

Committed to fostering stronger telecommunities and encouraging Filipinos to pursue their passions wholeheartedly, DITO Telecommunity once again celebrates emerging local talents and diversity with its second "Gáling DITO" campaign.

Initially launched in 2022, the award-winning "Gáling DITO" returns this year with the aim of further elevating and acknowledging Filipino excellence by bringing together emerging talents from diverse cultural backgrounds. This year’s campaign will showcase more talents, highlighting their "Gáling" in various passions and artistic endeavors.

DITO not only brings valuable products and services to the country but also reaffirms its commitment to promoting Filipino excellence by showcasing the amazing talents of Filipinos nationwide. "Galing DITO" provides these up-and-coming local artists and creators an effective platform to showcase their talents. The mindset they aim to cultivate is pride in one’s country and confidence in saying that if there’s Filipino excellence being displayed, not just in our country but all over the world, “yun ay GALING dito” (it came from here, the Philippines).

The 2022 "Gáling DITO" campaign was honored with the prestigious Gold Anvil Award under the specialized Public Relations (PR) Program – Advocacy Campaign in 2023 for its nationwide project. It also received five major distinctions from the 2022 Marketing Excellence Awards and the Award for Excellence in Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Communication from the 20th Philippine Quill Awards. Building on this successful run, consumers can expect DITO to make an even bigger impact in 2024 by offering engaging campaigns alongside its top-quality services and offers.

Ms. Evelyn Jimenez, Chief Commercial Officer of DITO Telecommunity, stated, “DITO Telecommunity goes beyond just being a typical telco providing connectivity products and services; our company also proudly embodies a commitment to nation-building. By fostering a platform that shines a spotlight on Filipino talent and excellence, along with celebrating our rich cultural diversity, DITO positions itself as not just a telco but a catalyst for societal enrichment and unity.”

Get Ready to Showcase Your Excellence!

By bringing together talents from across the Philippine islands, "Galing DITO 2024" paints a vibrant picture of excellence in every Filipino, celebrating the richness that diversity brings to Filipino culture and identity. When unique talents combine, it becomes more than just a collaboration – it becomes a powerful movement to drive Filipino pride. Each Filipino’s brilliance contributes to their personal legacy, but collectively, they shape a grand narrative that positively influences the nation.

DITO is set to launch "Galing DITO 2024" with its official music video. Headlined by a love and appreciation for Filipino talent, the song and music video will be performed by the Pinoy Pop boy group, Alamat! A uniquely multiethnic and multilingual group, Alamat is known for its music and distinctive artistry that incorporates the diverse backgrounds of its members from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Their songs are usually sung in the members’ native languages of Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Bikolano, and Waray-Waray. Truly, the group captures the essence of inclusivity and the spirit of "Galing DITO," with the passion that goes into supporting Filipino excellence from our regions.

Excellence from Anywhere, Excellence from Here

DITO is also supporting 19 other talented Filipinos representing 'Gáling' in a variety of pursuits and crafts. These talents proudly hail from all over the Philippines. The noteworthy list includes:

Grace Palicas, Tattoo artist from Kalinga, Excellence of the Cordilleras Nhoda Muñoz, Miniature Artist from Pampanga, Excellence of Central Luzon Cid Cempron, Blacksmith from Bohol, Excellence of Central Visayas Joneil Severino, Leaf Artist from Samar, Excellence of Eastern Visayas Nurainie Ampatuan, Designer from Sultan Kudarat, Excellence of Bangsamoro Bea Vega, Surfer from Siargao, Excellence of Caraga These six talents will be joined by more artists from across the Philippines, showcasing that Filipino talents shine even brighter when the excellence of diverse regional cultures comes together.

Let the Excellence Begin Here!

Stay tuned for more, as DITOzens will have the opportunity to win prizes while showcasing their talents and passions through the "PAGALINGAN DITO" promo!

For more information and updates, check out @DITOphofficial on Facebook and Instagram or visit https://dito.ph/.

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