Experts from the Health, Beauty and Wellness Industry Gather Together for the 360 ME Conference

Nowadays, the beauty, health, and wellness industry is the fastest growing and the most profitable investment markets in the world. More and more people everyday are learning to value their physical looks, their health, and their overall wellness which is why this industry is solid and growing day by day.

In the Philippines, it is said that 75% of the population uses health, beauty and wellness products and such massive demand enables beauty and wellness to go mainstream.

I did not fully understand the way this industry behaves and why and how it became a trend which allowed masses to partake until I joined the 360 ME, a conference on health, beauty and wellness organized and hosted by Mplify.

The event which was held at The Ballroom of The City Club in Alphaland Makati last Oct 12, featured several resource speakers who are experts from the industry.

Jay Bautista, Managing Director of Kantar Media talked about the trends when it comes to the mainstream media such as TV, radio and print and how it helped brands reach their target market.

Lloyd Tronco, Executive Director of Philcourse, shared how advertising has evolved through the years from billboards to digital to out-of-home or OOH advertising which is one of the most interactive forms of advertisement nowadays.

Christopher Bond, CEO and Owner of Bond Fitness Gym, gave some tips about being fit and healthy at any age and the importance of vitamins and proper diet that we incorporate in our daily life.

Jean Uvero, President and CEO of Grupo Uvero shared her secret to success and how her family has inspired her through life's adversaries.

Eckhon Malig, Leadership Training Consultant on the other hand, awaken our sleepy senses with a dance tutorial.

Mafae Yunon Belasco, former beauty queen and the Founder and Chairman of Mafae Management Consultancy, shared the ups and down she went through before reaching her dreams of becoming a beauty queen, a family woman and a successful careerwoman.

Aside from the valuable talks, there are also services offered by some of the partner/sponsors of the event.

Free brow threading from Browlab

Overflowing healthy coffee from Barlico
Part of the proceeds of the event will go to Children's Hour, a foundation supported by the Founder and President of Mplify, Migs dela Rosa.

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