Narada partners with IEZ Global and Dios Enterprise to provide green renewable energy to the Philippines

The Philippines has more than 7,000 large or small islands and the grid connection between the islands is unstable. Some islands are difficult to connect with the grid, and the cost of power generation is high. This one clear problem with providing and storing power in small towns in the Philippines, drive Narada, a global company known for specializing in energy storage, to partner with iEZ Global and Dios enterprise. Narada aims to address the Philippines’ issues with power storage.

“Narada, together with Dios Enterprise and IEZ Global, aims to work very closely with the Philippine Government by providing the knowledge technology to store energy and providing power even at night to those places,” said Charz Kelso Spokeperson of IEZ Global.

At a press briefing featuring representatives from Narada, IEZ Global and Dios Enterprise, the entities answered questions from the media on how their cooperation will be mutually beneficial and ultimately establish a presence for Narada in the country.

Narada, in behalf of their CEO Chen Bo is honored to be in the Philippines to join hands with IEZ GLOBAL in opening comprehensive development plan in the Philippines.

Narada is a world-renowned leading company in energy solutions, based on the core technology of battery. They have been working in the battery industry for 24 years, and their products and solutions had been provided for more than 150 countries around the world, which can be used for applications like energy storage, motive power, Telecom & data center etc.

Narada is a supplier and partner of major telecom operators all over the world by providing them with highly reliable, energy-efficient emergency power products. Some of their customers include Vodafone, Telefonica, America Telecom, Veon, China Telecom, Singtel, HuaWei, Alibaba, Baidu, Nokia etc. They have been serving local telecom operator Globe for more than 8 years. They are undoubtedly the world’s leading power supplier.

Narada CEO, Chen Bo giving his peech before the media and guests at the launch held at the Shangri-la The Fort

Narada is committed to promoting the development of green renewable energy globally. They provide leading products and solutions for energy storage and power industries Globally. Their energy storage technologies are widely used in renewable energy grid-connections, frequency regulation, peak shifting, industrial and commercial energy storage, microgrid and distributed power supply. In 2017, they have provided and installed Energy Storage System of 340MWh and ranking second biggest in the world (Bloomberg data shows). They have engaged strategic partnerships with many energy companies globally to contribute to the development of renewable energy, their strategic partners and customers include France Power (EDF), France gas, Italy Power, Singapore Power, State Grid of China, China Southern Power Grid etc. The distributed energy solution based on renewable energy+energy storage system technology has features of short construction period, low investment, low power generation cost, it is quite suitable for multi-island countries like the Philippines, and it will be key for future energy development.

Narada's energy storage system can improve the power quality of large islands, and it can be applied to the green power generation of a small island. There is no noise and no air pollution. With the gradual maturity of the world's renewable energy market, the power generation cost of renewable energy+energy storage systems are significantly lower than that of diesel power generation.

Meanwhile, they provide excellent power products for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers vehicles to achieve green travel. The Philippines has a large number of petrol motorcycles and more than 3 million tricycles which produce large-scale air and noise pollution. With electric motorcycles and tricycles, it saves almost 80% of the daily cost for users and help the country to be green.

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