Casa Moriones - Top Caterer in Laguna

This is the first time I have discovered a caterer near our place. Been living in Laguna for 13 years but whenever I would look for a nice catering service I could only find them mostly in Metro Manila. Gladly I joined the 3rd United Bloggers Philippines Thanksgiving party where Casa Moriones provided our food for the day from pastries to soup, pasta, and the main course.

I fell in love with the Bread Station - it's very artistic and everything made me drool

They served a vast variety of pastries such as macarons, donuts, the swan-shaped bread with icing on top, croissant, and the pizza-like bread which is my kids' favorite. 

Garlic Bread is superb =)

In the buffet table, they had Pumpkin Soup, Fettucine Alfredo, Roast Beef with Gravy and Roast Pork Asado. They are all mouth-watering. I love the roast beef for its tenderness and being flavourful. I love the combination of different flavors from the Roast Pork, they explode inside the mouth. They prepared Buco Pandan for dessert, and that is one of the best - fresh, creamy with the right amount of sweetness. I can't remember how many cups I consumed, but it's more than 5.

I can still remember the taste of the gravy, as if it lingered in my mouth until now 

They also did the table and chair setting. They made it simply yet beautiful and perfectly represents what the event is all about. The theme was Rustic combined with tropical accents.

Casa Moriones operates in Metro Manila and CALABARZON area for over 20 years now. They have well trained and veteran servers who assure the smooth operation of any event. Their goal is to provide the most reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of  the service and food they serve.

Casa Moriones don't just strive to make the party a memorable event, but they also ensure that the food they serve is of the best quality made with the freshest ingredients by employing nutritionists.

They treat each item on our menu like an artistic masterpiece and they work very professional so you can expect the presentation to be elegant and priceless, and the taste is fabulously unforgettable.

Casa Moriones caters within Laguna, Tagaytay, Batangas, Cavite, and Alabang Area.
For more info pls visit and follow

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