Why am I making a Switch to Naturals by Watsons?

A lot of synthetic and harmful ingredients are used in beauty and skin care products nowadays. We are not aware but we are exposing our bodies and the environment to an onslaught of unnatural, toxic chemicals.

Having realized how harmful those synthetic chemical additives are to every living organism on earth, I am making a switch to safer and more natural products to give me beauty without the risk. I am glad that Watsons organic and natural products are now exploding on the beauty market such as the Naturals by Watsons.

Naturals by Watsons is Watsons - Asia's leading health and beauty retailer - line of natural hair, body and skin care goodies such as hair shampoo and conditioner, cream bath, hair and scalp tonic and more.

Here are the reasons why I now choose Naturals by Watson as my daily beauty and hygiene essential:

► Active ingredients

Organic Argan Oil, Natural Argan Seed Extract, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Wheat Germ Extract

All these natural and organic ingredients are essential to effectively nourish and protect our hair and skin.

► Hypo-allergenic

Since Naturals by Watsons does not contain harmful or toxic chemicals and is free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Colourants, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Soap, Isothiazolinone (MIT, CMIT, BIT); it does not cause irritation and is suited for sensitive skin. Even though it is possible to be allergic to some natural ingredients, it is easier to know which ingredients may cause the reaction.

► Safe

Studies have proven that some chemicals found in skin care products can be absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause a lot of health issues including skin problems, hormones disruption, degenerative diseases, and even cancer. So beware what you put on to your skin, only trust safe skincare products that are made from natural and organic ingredients.

► Social Responsibility

Synthetics on beauty products are not only harmful to our health but they also harm the planet. The chemicals that are present in most beauty and skincare products are polluting the water and cause trouble to the marine environment and our water sources. By choosing organic, we don't only take care of ourselves, but the environment and the planet as well, for the benefit of the next generations.

Lastly, I believe that the relationship between nature and humans is profoundly important. Nature should be our primary source for everything we need to thrive on Earth because nature is the key to a more meaningful life and natural products are the safest and the most effective way of nourishing our body holistically.

I have tried two of Naturals by Watsons products which are the Conditioner and Cream Bath. Both products smell so natural that you will imagine a green rice field, a lush green forest or a place where everything smells fresh; while using them. Both have no overpowering smell of perfume, has no colorants; making sure that they are skin and hair-friendly. The natural scent of the conditioner lingers on the hair for hours and stays even if you're under the heat of the sun or you're exposed to strong wind. I have been using the conditioner for more than a week now and everyday I notice that it makes my hair softer and more manageable - easy to comb and style. The conditioner even made my hair a bit straighter as the frizziness was reduced.

The Cream Bath is nice on the skin. It does not leave a very strong smell on the skin. I have a sensitive skin and some soaps or cream baths either trigger my skin to be more sensitive which causes redness, itchiness, and rashes or make my skin dry and scaly. But with the Naturals by Watsons Cream Bath, I never had any skin problem. I also find it economical because just a few amounts produce enough lather.

I hope to try more products from the line. I think I found my match for skin and hair care products that will not compromise my well-being.

How about you, what do you think are the upside and the downside of natural and organic products for the hair and skin? Which one do you prefer more and why?

1 comment:

Cherry Ann Llamasares said...

Yes. We should be aware of the ingredients of the products we are using. It must not just beneficial outside but inside too. We know that harsh chemicals might cause harm to our skin and body. We must switch to products using all natural ingredients.

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