Andok's #HourMama - an inspiring campaign to make lasting and personal connection with Moms

There's a popular phrase that goes "Disconnect to connect."

In this technology-driven world, where information is overwhelming and a lot of things can be done with just a click; we tend to be overly busy, most of the times we were occupied by a lot of things that we sometimes forget a few of the simplest yet the most important things in life such as personal connection.

To let Moms feel the real essence of Mother's Day and to let each member of the family realize the true meaning of the celebration, the popular Litson Manok chain Andok’s take a back-to-basics observance of Mother’s Day. 

This year, Andok’s seeks to inspire families to disconnect from their mobile devices and create lasting memories with their mothers on their special day.

Dubbed as #HourMama, Andok’s campaign seeks to encourage people to dedicate at least an hour for some uninterrupted bonding time with their mother.

“Over the years, we have seen technology successfully bridge various gaps in human experience. However, we tend to be so excited with the advancements and the connections we can make from afar that we forget to give the gift of being present to our loved ones who are right beside us,” shared Maverick Javier, Executive Vice President of Andok’s Litson Corporation.

“This inspired us to encourage everyone to take an hour of their time to take a step back, look around, and create new core memories with the people around them. And we thought it is best to kick-off this campaign by sharing new memories with our mothers on their special day.”

The campaign kickef off at Andok’s branch in Makati Avenue where customers and guests go offline from 12 noon to an hour and connect with the mothers in the restaurant. The branch’s WiFi went WaFi (walang WiFi) as the restaurant’s wireless Internet connection shuts down during this hour. Fueling these personal and live interactions among families is the signature taste of Andok’s offerings, allowing the families to punctuate their connections with Andok’s iconic dishes.

Andok’s has always been about doing things with heart and appreciation. With #HourMama, we aim to not just have a heart-to-heart connection with our valued customers, but to build meaningful relationships and memories within families. We are hoping this activity will pave the way to more observances of #HourMama as our fellow Filipinos spend more quality and uninterrupted time with their moms – even beyond Mother’s Day. Of course, this is best done with the offerings of Andok’s that we’ve all come to know and love,” adds Javier. 

Mother's Day might be over but Andok's is encouraging everyone to join the campaign not just on Mother’s Day but as much as possible. You can contribute to this campaign by taking a photo with your mothers after a dedicated offline hour and posting it in social media using the hashtag #HourMama. 

Remember, that real and lasting connections happen when you offer your time and presence to your loved ones. Technology will last but life won't. So for as long as our loved ones is alive, let's not waste our time to DISCONNECT TO CONNECT...

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