SM Kids' Fashion and Play, a celebration of every kid's amazing childhood

Everything is different in the eyes of a child: the trees are higher, the colors are brighter, and every new day is more interesting than the last. Kids see life from a different perspective. The young ones think and feel they could change the world, that they could do anything they wanted as if they have no limitations or roadblocks to stop them.

Childhood memories are really amazing, some things that happen stay in our memory for a long time and sometimes, they end up being with us forever.

Funky, hip, colorful, in-fashion style for girls

To celebrate the fun and exciting details of childhood, SM Mall of Asia presented Fashion Play, where a child's play gets its own dose of fashion fun at the SM Kids event. In collaboration with Toy Kingdom, SM Kids presents its new collection of childhood fashion stales, made exciting through vibrant colors and whimsical prints.

Cool summer collection for boys, with matching "toys-for-the-not-so-big-boys"

The current collection is made to mix-and-match all summer long, offering silhouettes that are kept simple and airy for easy every day wear-perfect for playtime! SM Kids believes that all kids are beautiful, accepted and equal, that's why each piece embraces "adaptive clothing", meaning, pieces that are inclusive for kids of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and personalities. Indeed, each kid deserves their own share of trendy clothing styles that bring them comfort and oneness with their peers.

Proud Yaya and Baby Moment

Fashion Play's main event is a grand fashion show featuring SM Kids' four key lines, each with their own fresh offerings every kid will look forward to donning. The Sm Kids SWIMWEAR collection highlights the vibrant colors and playfulness of prints with a wide range of florals, fruits and lovable animals. Swimming in style, these designs come in different silhouettes that come in one piece or two-piece combos that can be mix and matched. LOL Surprise! Is inspired by funky dolls with a unique sense of style and personality, where kids can have fun pairing different trends together.

Most of these kid models are actually from a family of celebrities - Joel Cruz' kids, Janice de Belen's grandkids, Melissa Rick's daughter and more

TEES & DENIM puts a twist on basics! Boys tees offer novelty graphics that echo their favorite comics, while girls tees are embellished with fantasy details such as appliques of unicorns and mermaids. These dreamy tops are perfectly paired with classic denim in different trends washes offering stretch for comfort and playground wearability. Finally, the SM Kids SUMMER collection highlights the cheerful effect of colors inspired by the ocean. Bold stripes, artsy graphics, fruits, and florals come alongside these colors for an exciting array of designs. Pairing print with print is the key to a stylishly fun summer look for the young ones.

Summer perfect, comfy outfit for boys

All in all, SM Kids wants to inspire children to simply be themselves. Giving meaning to "playful fashion", the SM Kids collection truly celebrate kids being kids. When it comes to fashion, it's truly best to start 'em young!

SM Kids presents Summer Stories - Fashion and Play

SM Kids' collections are available in all The SM Store branches. For more updates on and promos follow @SMKids on Facebook and Instagram. #SMKids #SMSummerStories.

The fashion show event was a walk down the memory lane to all the guests especially the celebrity parents of those kids who did strut the runway and did their job with flying colors.

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