Help save the environment by switching to all-natural, less to no chemical local products

Today, there are over a hundred brands of detergents and shampoos in the market, and more often than not, they are confusing. The wide variety of products sometimes no longer help us - consumers in choosing the best, safest and reasonably priced items. To avoid being confused and to avoid being lured into fake advertisements and being a victim of misleading marketing strategies, we should learn to set our own standards when it comes to things that we consume or use daily.

One of my requirements in choosing the right powder laundry detergent and shampoo is safety and friendliness to the environment. Next is they should be locally made. Price comes last among my considerations.

Good thing I was introduced to this two locally made products. Let me share you a few of the things I discovered and noticed about the products.

Lala Powder Laundry Detergent

This is a herbal laundry detergent which is mild and does not contain harsh ingredients thus safe for babies.

It is really gentle on the skin. I used it to handwash baby's clothes and other sensitive clothing and it did not irritate my skin. My hands are still soft and it did not dry or get irritated or itchy. It is nice to use in whites. It cleans effectively and it gives white clothing a bright color. I love using it for the underwear as it easily removes the dirt on them.

It does not produce a lot of bubbles, so if you are that kind of consumer who is after the bubbles, you might get disappointed. However, I am that kind of consumer who is after the effect and the benefit of the products so I give it a big YES.

Tips :

Once you opened the packaging, transfer it to a tighty sealed container so it won't form into lumps.

Mudy Detox Shampoo Bar

This product is all natural and mild shampoo bar for several hair types.

First, let me explain what are shampoo bars.

Shampoo bars are an all natural conditioning shampoo in a solid bar form. They are specially formulated with either natural plant oils, butters, botanicals or essential oils that nourish your hair and scalp. It is more effective in making the hair less tacky than liquid shampoo

I personally used the shampoo bar, it was the very first shampoo bar I tried. It has been so long that I wanted to try one because I have heard that bars are environment friendly.

Here are my observations upon using for weeks :

At first use, it did not produce enough lather to cover my entire hair so I need to rub it many times; but when I used for my 5 yr old son, it produced enough lather in just a few rubs. I realized, the lather is dependent on the hair thickness and the amount of dirt on hair (oil, dust, etc).

It feels sticky on the hair at first but after rinsing, it doesn't add weight on the hair. It irritates the eyes though, so be careful when using. It has a light scent and I like it. I don't prefer products with a strong smell for they mean more chemicals were compounded in it.

Here's my video trying the product:

Tips :

The shampoo bar easily melts, to I suggest you put it in a soap dish with holes and cover. It needs to be drained and dried after every use so it won't go to waste.

For Mother Earth and for my love of start-ups and local products, I would give these products a try. It's time to switch, our underground water is too polluted because of the products containing too much chemicals. Buying products such as these, will help a lot in the recovery of our nature and the environment.

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