Johnson's BidaBest Squad: Advocating for Healthy Kid's Hair

Johnson's, a trusted name in baby and child care products, has embarked on a new journey by introducing its inaugural Johnson's BidaBest Squad. Comprised of four spirited and dynamic kids, this squad is on a mission to demonstrate the significance of using age-appropriate shampoo for children's hair care.

In April, Johnson's initiated the search for its first-ever kidfluencer squad, in collaboration with 90s hair icon and now celebrity mom, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta. With the support of Johnson's celebrity mombassador, Jolina, and her BidaBest daughter, Vika, they kick-started the search with an engaging dance video. This video, showcasing their impressive dance moves and healthy hair, quickly gained popularity, inspiring moms and kids alike to participate in the #JohnsonsBidaBest Challenge.

From thousands of entries nationwide, only 20 finalists were selected to proceed to the next round of challenges. These finalists had to create a video explaining why they deserved a coveted spot in the Top 4 of the Johnson's BidaBest Squad. In their videos, mothers and their BidaBest kids emphasized the importance of using Johnson's Active Kids shampoo for soft, shiny, and smooth hair. Ultimately, four remarkable kids emerged victorious.

In a nationwide television broadcast, Johnson's proudly introduced the first-ever Johnson's BidaBest Squad. The BidaBestie Gwyn and Larra Sarmiento, BidaBestie Marius and Michelle Lee, BidaBestie Euni and Fatima Manlunas, and BidaBestie Kylie and Michelle Salcedo, along with celebrity mombassador Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The event shed light on a vital aspect of children's hair care that often goes unnoticed. Johnson's Baby Franchise Lead, Isa Lacson-Ruiz, emphasized the importance of using specially formulated shampoo for kids with delicate and still-developing hair. Kids' hair is typically two times thinner than adult hair, making it crucial to choose a shampoo that is gentle on their hair and scalp. Johnson's Active Kids Shampoo effectively removes dirt and excess oils without causing harm, supporting healthy hair development.

The newly formed Johnson's BidaBest Squad members were ecstatic about their well-deserved win. They expressed their joy at being recognized by their favorite kid shampoo brand. Each of them shared their preferred Johnson's Active Kids shampoo variant and why it resonated with them.

Larra, a BidaBest mombassador, shared her excitement, "I was thrilled when my daughter Gwyn was selected for the first-ever Johnson's BidaBest Squad. It's our favorite brand, and Gwyn loves using 'Soft and Smooth' because it makes her hair feel soft every day."

Michelle, another BidaBest mombassador, emphasized how she's been using Johnson's Active Kids for Marius since he was young. She mentioned, "I've always used Johnson's Active Kids for Marius' hair. He's still a kid, so I make sure the shampoo I use is gentle, like 'Clean and Fresh.' Besides, he loves the blue color and the fact that even after a full day at school, he still smells fresh."

Fatima's mother shared their experience, saying, "We didn't expect to win, so we were overjoyed when we found out. Fatima loves 'Shiny Drops,' her favorite. She adores the color pink and the smooth, shiny hair her shampoo gives her."

Lastly, Michelle Salcedo shared her daughter Kylie's preference for the 'Strong and Healthy' variant from Johnson's Active Kids. "Kylie has always been an avid user of Johnson's Active Kids, and she loves 'Strong and Healthy' because her hair feels fantastic after using it. We were thrilled to be part of this because she genuinely loves this shampoo brand."

The Johnson's BidaBest Squad members eagerly discussed Johnson's Active Kids shampoo and why it's their favorite. They highlighted the benefits they've experienced, demonstrating the positive impact of the shampoo range. The event culminated in a lively performance of the Johnson's BidaBest Hashtag dance, featuring celebrity mom Jolina Magdangal-Escueta and her daughter, Vika Escueta.

Johnson's Active Kids shampoo is available in four variants, each catering to specific hair needs: 'Shiny Drops' with Argan Oil and Silk proteins for soft, smooth, and shiny hair, 'Clean & Fresh' with active fresh technology for 12-hour freshness, 'Strong & Healthy' with Vitamin E for stronger hair and less breakage, and 'Soft & Smooth' shampoo with honey and wheat extracts for smooth, less frizzy hair.

Follow the journey of the Johnson's BidaBest Squad on the official social media pages of Johnson's: @johnsonsbabyph on Instagram and TikTok and on Facebook.

Make your kids feel their BidaBest at home by getting your favorite Johnson's Active Kids Shampoo, available in leading supermarkets and drugstores, as well as from the official company store on Lazada and Shopee. Johnson's is committed to ensuring that every child experiences the joy of healthy and beautiful hair.

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