UL Skin Sciences: Elevating Filipinas to Their Radiant Best with Safe and Scientifically Proven Products

In an era inundated with an array of beauty products and well-being supplements saturating both online platforms and physical store shelves, the imperative of discerning choices that are not only effective but scientifically proven, safe, and tailored to individual needs becomes increasingly vital. In this landscape, UL Skin Sciences Inc. (ULSSI) emerges as the sole Filipino personal care company fortified by health and science, presenting a range of products that bestow beauty and well-being solutions, fostering trust and admiration among consumers.

To substantiate the safety and efficacy of its products, ULSSI orchestrated a noteworthy event on Nov. 20, titled Power House Lab. This event featured mini-science labs that conducted live demonstrations, bringing to life the brand promise of each product. The Power House Lab, akin to a home with a robust foundation, sought to illuminate the science behind ULSSI products. Rigorous testing and research underpin the creation of accessible and high-quality beauty products catering to the diverse needs of Filipinos.

The event provided attendees with invaluable insights into the workings of their favorite ULSSI products through an engaging program, interactive games, and an exclusive peek into the scientific underpinnings of each brand. Demonstrations showcased the efficacy of products such as Myra Classic Moisturizing Vitamin Lotion, revealing its light and non-greasy feel while maintaining skin hydration for 48 hours. Another station spotlighted Celeteque DermoScience Ultra Hydrating Essence, showcasing its superiority as a facial moisturizer with potent Hyaluronic Acid. These demonstrations underscored the commitment to delivering products founded on sound scientific principles.

Marie Della Rhodora P. Carillo, Division Vice President and Head of ULSSI R&D, emphasized that transparency is integral to ULSSI, with all components listed on product packaging. She highlighted that amidst a plethora of products, consumers are empowered to scrutinize what goes into each product, emphasizing the rigorous research and development process.

Ma. Christine C. Navarette-Catanghal, ULSSI-Category Head, asserted that health and science are foundational to ULSSI, aligning with the ethos of the UNILAB Group. As a Filipino company, ULSSI prioritizes consumer-centric research, addressing local insights and environmental factors.

Kathryn Carag, Division Vice President and Head of ULSSI Marketing, expressed pride in being a local company attuned to the unique needs of Filipinos. The commitment to innovation is evident in their extensive research and testing, resulting in products that cater to every type of Filipina skin.

ULSSI encompasses legacy brands like Myra-E, a leading vitamin E capsule brand, and pH Care, celebrating its 20th year as the top feminine wash. GynePro, another flagship brand, offers superior protection against odor, itch, and irritation. Celeteque, introduced in 2006, has established itself as a premier derma-tested and science-based beauty brand.

Additionally, ULSSI unveiled innovative products such as Lactezin, addressing acne concerns, Equiva, a sensitive skincare line, and Fortima, providing resistance supplementation for busy Filipinas. The latest addition, DirtBugSun, stands out as the only deet-free mosquito repellent with added SPF in the Philippines.

ULSSI's commitment to science is evident through clinical and safety studies, adopting vigilant systems to monitor any possible adverse reactions. Ma. Christine C. Navarette-Catanghal emphasized these efforts as part of ULSSI's dedication to providing high-quality, safe, and effective health and beauty products. To explore more about ULSSI products and their empowering benefits, visit ulssi.com.ph.

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