Online puzzles to challenge your knowledge and skills

Solving puzzles is actually a fun and worthwhile way of spending leisure time. It is not an ordinary board game as it tests the knowledge and skill of a person. Since I was young, I have always loved puzzles. I enjoy the challenge it gives me and t is also a great brain exercise.

Since nowadays is an era of the internet, where almost everything can be done on the internet on on the web; the traditional puzzles board has also leveled up. Now, you can find online puzzles that suits your interest - nature, animals, buildings, art, places and more. Among the many online puzzles I have tried, there is only one that I really enjoyed - the JSpuzzles. They offer a thousand (or more, I think) of different puzzles. I found it really exciting and interesting as I can customize my puzzle - I can choose the number of pieces, choose whether a large or a small size of pieces and can even turn on or off the competitive mode. In the competitive mode, you can see who is the top ten fastest players. While playing, you will see how fast you solve the puzzle and what is the minimum time the puzzle is solved by the players. It is so nice that they show statistics, that adds more challenge to the game.

Let me share to you some of my favorites:

I play this when I feel lazy solving puzzles. This is easy-peasy as you already have guide clues because of the lines and shapes. Beginners would love to start with this one.

Whenever I want to challenge myself, I look for something as complicated as this one...

So instead of playing online or offline games in the computer or on smartphones during spare time, I suggest you try solving puzzles via JSpuzzles. It is beneficial for you, it will make your brain function better and it will make you think more critically. It is absolutely free of charge and a new puzzle is introduced everyday so you have no reason to be bored!

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