Real Estate 101: Why Young Professionals Should Still Purchase House and Lot

Nowadays, many young professionals prefer to buy a condominium unit rather than a house and lot. According to latest estimates, the demographic of 20-35 years old is the strongest market for the condominiums – so much so that developers devise marketing strategies specifically for them.

While living in a condominium is indeed fitting for the lifestyle of young professionals, there are still some things that only a house and lot can offer. These things may be simple, but they make a huge difference in improving the quality of living.

Here’s why young professionals should buy a house and lot in this day and age.

Great place for retirement

Always remember that purchasing doesn’t end after paying off your mortgage – it’s a long-term commitment that spans even after your retirement. When you reach the age of retirement, a house and lot is a practical option. 

With horizontal living, you can avoid the steep staircase of condos that you have to climb every now and then. Plus, you can live with more space, which is more suitable for an elderly.

Living with your family

Filipinos practice a tightly-knit family relationship. Unlike other countries, it’s uncommon for children to leave their parents or let other people take care of them as they grow old. This is why it’s ideal to live with your family in a house and lot.

Aside from taking care of your parents, a house and lot can also mean more space freedom if you’re raising a family of your own.

Ample space to unwind

While condominiums feature great amenities like swimming pools and gyms, you will have to compromise on your unit’s space. You may not get these amenities in a house and lot, but it means more living space – the space that you’re going to use most of the time.

With ample space, you also have more freedom to decorate according to what you like. You can allot space for your leisure, and you can reserve those for private use only.

Cheaper in the long run

Upfront, a condominium unit generally costs less than a house and lot. However, this doesn’t mean it will always  remain the same way. There are monthly fees that you have to pay for the maintenance of the building and amenities.

If you’re not going to use these amenities, it may only add up to more costs for you in the long run. If you live in a house and lot, you can minimize expenses like these.

Growing opportunities outside the Metro

One of the greatest motivations of young professionals to buy a condominium unit is to be closer to their workplace. With the growing economy outside Metro Manila, however, this may not be the case in the future.

If you want to take advantage of these growing opportunities in the provinces, then now’s the time to secure a house and lot. Luckily, BellaVita is there to provide you with affordable and quality homes.

For more information about the location of their homes and their pricing, visit BellaVita website or Facebook page.

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