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We are now on the third year of a pandemic and although a lot of us have been vaccinated and boosted, we are still trying to be safe by not going out too often. But staying home still feels boring and we have to find a new way to kill our time. We have tried baking, painting, gardening, etc during the first wave of the pandemic now why don't we try playing online games that are absolutely FREE? Yes it's free and we can play over a thousand games if we want. 

What is

A secure site offering free and fun online games, can be quickly accessed from the browser. Its mission is to add a bit of joy to people’s lives especially when they are stuck at home due to health and other safety reasons. People who used to love and play the Nintendo will surely relate to the games that they can play within the site because each video games will give them nostalgia.

While most of today’s popular mobile games focus on battles, paid upgrades, status symbols and addictive loops, is different. Its games casual, super simple, and can be quickly played and finish via the browser. You can enjoy from over a thousand types and kids of games absolutely FREE. You save much space on your internal storage because there is no need to download any games. You don't need to register a user account therefore you can enjoy all games without sacrificing your privacy and other personal info.

Everyone will love each game bing offered because they are very kid and family friendly - no violence, no blood, no pornography included or shown.

You can choose from these game types : abstract, puzzle, simulation, strategy and of course educational games to help the young ones learn and help the not so young remember the basics.

Game recommendation for the kids

Most of the time, it is our kids who get bored when they are inside the house, so here are some of the games they can enjoy while staying home.

  • Guardians Defenders of Mathematica 
This is an excellent game for kids so they enhance their skills in Mathematics such as Mathematical operations and problem solving. The player can pick the character he or she wants like knights, warriors, elves, rangers, witches and wizards. He or she can also customize the appearance and accessories of his / her chosen character by unlocking each level. In every battle, the player has to answer 10 questions and every correct answer will inflict damage to the opponent. The player wins It is such a relaxing game that will effectively exercise the mind. This is not just for kids but for the kids-at-heart as well.

  • Tom & Jerry Arts and Crafts Game Online
Who doesn't love arts and crafts? Both young and old do. Boys and girls, men and women appreciate arts and crafts because it is such a cfeative activity. This games isn't just about coloring and painting but it is also a fun stickers adding activity game. There are 6 uncolored locations from the cartoon which the player can choose from. You can use crayons, paint, and color dropper tool. You may also add various stickers to make your artwork come alive. When you're done, you may download your artwork for souvenir.

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