GoTechs - it's no magic; just real, effective water-resistant spray

It really pisses me off when my favorite shoes or bags got spilled on with liquid because liquid creates visible ugly marks on the surface that sometimes are so hard to wipe out or clean. But technology really has the answer to most of our problems for it created GoTechs Water Resistant.

GoTechs Water Resistant is a spray that coats the surface of natural/artificial leather and textile products such as shoes, boots, clothing, and handbags to make it water-resistant.

Safety reminders before using

1. For safety, choose a well-ventilated area which is far away from sources of ignition. The spray has chemicals that might cause a fire.
2. Do a trial first on a small inconspicuous spot to confirm the effect of the spray on the product.
3. Avoid placing the spray bottle to direct sunlight and/or places with high-temperature to avoid an explosion. Also, keep it out of reach of children.

I first use the product for my handbag which is made from artificial leather. After the application, my handbag instantly looked clean because the small white spots and dust that are hard to wipe out are gone. After the spray has dried up I saw some white dust left on the surface, but it was easy to clean, I just wipe the surface of my handbag with a clean, dry soft cloth.

I also tried the product to my kids' semi-leather school shoes which are more than a year old. I used a lot of cleaning agents to get rid of the white spots and dirt on the shoes, but they won't disappear. With just an application of GoTechs, the shoes looked clean in an instant and the color became brighter.

I also tried to apply GoSpray on the shoes made of rubber although it is not specified in the bottle that it can be used on rubber materials. I am just curious and would want to explore more of what this product can do and what are its limitations. I was surprised that it has the same effect - shoes became cleaner and brighter!

This product is amazing. It is my first time to try a water-resistant spray and this just delivered what it promises.

Look what happens when your GoTechs-treated shoes got spilled off with water. The water is not absorbed, it just stayed on top of the surface which makes it easier to clean.

What I like about the product is that it dries up fast, in just 10-15 seconds; and it effectively adds a protective layer which makes the product looks clean and new. I love how GoTechs improves the color of my stuff, too.

Would I buy this product? Of course? Who doesn't want an instant new look to our stuff? Who doesn't want a clean and brightly colored bags and shoes?

As a Mom who is always wise when it comes to spendings, this product will help me save a lot for I no longer have to replace old shoes, bags etc; with a new one especially those for the kids, because I can instantly make them new in jus a few strokes and waves of my hands.

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