How to prepare for a Cocktail Party look?

Mr. Postman handed you over an elegantly embossed black and gold invitation which says, "Please come in your best Cocktail Party look." It is the birthday party of your very special childhood friend and you must not say "NO" despite the fact that you are clueless about what to wear and don't know how to properly wear it. What should you do?

First, you should know what cocktail party means. Well, a cocktail party is a party at which cocktails are served. Sometimes, it is referred to as a cocktail reception. A mixer, on the other hand, is an organized cocktail party for purposes of social or business networking.

Next, know what to properly wear to a cocktail party. A cocktail dress, of course! A cocktail dress is typically a knee-length party dress. You can go as elegant, as sleek as you want but never wear a skimpy dress. A cocktail party should not be confused with a night out with friends or colleagues. Do not wear something that is transparent, sleazy or something that gets you unnecessary attention. Also be watchful of your neckline, make sure they don’t plunge into the oblivion. Also, avoid wearing see-through dresses.

For women, the proper attire for a cocktail party is a short dress that are party-ready. When in doubt, wear a little black dress and dress it up with fun jewelry. If you'd rather wear color, opt for something bright and feminine.
Here are more tips on how to pull-out a cocktail party look. 
Wear hosiery or stockings. Bare legs are not such a great choice for a cocktail party or a formal event. Sheer black or a nude color will suffice for the occasion. 
Go for high heels. Avoid flat shoes unless completely unavoidable. Never wear flip-flops no matter how indisputable the comfort is. Also put aside the gladiators, flat sandals, because they are not considered as cocktail outfits. Platform heels, wedges, or pumps are perfect footwear and they enhance your silhouette.
Both open and closed-toe shoes are acceptable for a formal or informal event. If the shoes are open-toe then go for seamless hosiery. 
Choose the right dress line. Go for a full-length dress for a black tie (formal) event, knee-length or slightly lower for a semi-casual event, and knee-length or higher for a casual event. 
Avoid wearing skirts or suits. Also, don't show up in jeans. Try pantsuits or chic looking trousers with a chic silk or chiffon blouse. You can pair the outfit with a pearl necklace, pumps, and just the right amount of makeup.

Accessories are necessary to elevate your outfit but don't overdo them. Think about that one piece in your kit that will not only stand out but also complements the outfit. Choose just one statement piece that needs to stand out. Wearing too many accessories will look sloppy and unappealing, and ruins the entire outfit. You can add a fine jewelry like a bracelet, finger rings, etc but keep them minimal.
If your host/hostess is known to be old-fashioned or traditional, dress more conservatively than you would if the host were especially avant-garde. 
If you are not sure where to find the right cocktail dress for the occasion, do check out JJsHouse for inspiration.

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