Why kids should play Online Money Games?

Money games excite young minds.

They provide a structure and process for children to engage in problem solving so they reach a particular objective or goal. While reaching for those goals, it can be challenging, but those challenges are also what make game-playing fun and more exciting.

Math being an important part of learning for children should be introduced in their early years because it provides vital life skills. Not only it will help children in problem solving, but it will also measure and develop the kid’s spatial awareness. With online money games, your kid can always enjoy playing online games while enhancing their skills in numbers, computation, and a lot of things about money.

Here are some of my suggestions for online money games that will enhance every kid's Mathematical ability, decision-making and other skills they need as they grow.


In this game, the player will learn about counting money, giving correct change using bills and coins, and basic Math operations like subtraction and addition.

The game includes three difficulty level : easy, medium, and hard. If you are clueless, you can watch the tutorial first. You have the option to show or hide the hints and change amount if you want a more challenging game, but I suggest that beginners especially young kids enable the hints and change amount so they can easily understand the rule of the game. Once they already played the game several times, then they can opt to disable those features for more challenge.

In this game, the player will feel like he or she is the cashier, who needs to give the correct change to the buyer of the item. The game is under time pressure so make sure to give the correct change before time runs out. The easy and medium levels would be perfect even for young kids, but they might need an adult or an expert's assistance because it is really HARD.

Food Business Simulation Games

Simulation games mimic the real world activities, which makes it relatable to any player. You can run a Coffee Shop, a Pizza Cafe, a Burger Shop, and a Chocolate Shop. There's also the Cooking Fever where the player must feed the hungry customers; the Cooking Street which features a steak restaurant; Farm Town which is a fame and food processing game with 40 satges; the Idle Pet Business where the plyer operates a pet store; and a lot more games that will exercise your brain and will train your management skills. 

Because I am a fur Mom, I would recommend players to try the Idle Pet Business. It is very easy to play, you just need to upgrade your pet store to earn more money and buy more shops. I enjoyed playing this because of the cute graphics that makes you feel you are playing with your pets.

These games are not just entertaining but educational. They ar ethe kind of games that both the young and the old ones will find worthy to play with. They are a good brain exercises and they help in keeping a healthy memory. 

Money games are always fun to play with because they somehow give us a mindset that when you work hard and smart, you can always have the money you need to make your life better.

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