3 Reasons to Enjoy Seafood in New Orleans

Seafood has been a major part of our diet for an extremely long period of time. Not only is seafood delicious, but it is also extremely versatile and can be prepared in a variety of dishes. The United States is bordered by two different oceans and has thousands of rivers within its borders, which makes the country a great place to get some amazing seafood. There are many American cities that are closely associated with seafood, ranging from Baltimore’s crabbing industry and Boston’s historic seafood dishes. However, perhaps the most famous seafood city in America is New Orleans, a city that truly prepares some amazing seafood dishes. Here are three reasons why you should enjoy seafood in New Orleans.

The Amount

One of the most obvious reasons why you should enjoy seafood in New Orleans is simply due to the large amount of seafood that is produced by the city. New Orleans lies on the Gulf of Mexico and has easy access to plenty of fish and other seafood. Due to this close proximity, tons of seafood come through the ports of New Orleans. In fact, Louisiana is one of the leading states when it comes to seafood production. As a result, you not only can find some high-quality seafood, but you can also find lots of different types and ways of preparation. Seafood is closely ingrained in the local culture of New Orleans, and it would be a crime if you didn’t get to experience it while in the city. 

The Festivals

Another reason to enjoy seafood in New Orleans is the large number of festivals that revolve around seafood in the city. New Orleans has over a hundred festivals every year, most of which have some relation with the seafood industry. Even when a festival that has no relation to seafood and the local industry is celebrated, you can be sure that locals will be selling their famous seafood dishes at various stands. Trying out these great seafood dishes at a festival is fantastic, as there’s nothing better than celebrating with some great food in your belly. If you’re ever in New Orleans, chances are you’ll be joining in on their massive celebrations and enjoying the seafood dishes they cook up. 

The Industry Size

As mentioned before, the amount of seafood that comes through the ports of New Orleans is staggering, but that isn’t the full extent of the local seafood industry. Millions of local people are employed by the seafood industry, whether it be actually catching the seafood, preparing the seafood, or serving it at a restaurant. Due to this, around 1 in 70 jobs in the state of Louisiana are related to the seafood industry, and the industry brings in billions of dollars every single year. It's almost impossible to ignore the seafood industry while in New Orleans, as it truly is all around you. Seafood is a huge part of the local culture and economy, making New Orleans the perfect place to experience some amazing seafood dishes.

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