My 14 Day BFF Foodie Trip with Metamucil

Last September 21, 2015, I was surprised by Procter & Gamble, EverydayMe and Metamucil when they sent me Metamucil gift packs (one for me and one for my BFF) which consists of a bag, an eco-bottle and an orange-flavored 285grams bottle of Metamucil. I was chosen as one of the Metamucil Ambassadors who will take on the challenge. (See more about the gift packs here : Metamucil Ambassador welcome kit) Inside the bag is a Certificate of Foodie-ness and some stuff to help me track my Metamucil journey. It was sent to us so we could join their challenge called "Metamucil, 14-day BFF Foodie Trip." The goal of the challenge is to upload photos according to the theme of the day. Up for grab is a Lazada shopping spree.

So my BFF and I accepted the challenge, which started last September 30, 2015. 

Let me share to you some of our food trips.


Day 1 - Yummiest meal of the day
Day 2 - Carbivore Day


Day 3 - Meativore Day
Day 4 - Flavor Checkpoint


Day 5 - Snackivore Day
Day 6 - Friedivore Day


Day 7 - Sweetivore Day
Day 8 - Foodie Checkpoint


Day 9 - Unli-Rice Day
Day 10 - Hydration Day

Day 11 - No-Rice Day
Day 12 - Progress Checkpoint

The challenge is over but submission of entries for the last two days of the challenge is still up. We're just waiting for our entries to be approved, and we have great hopes of winning a shopping spree...

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