MABILIS BANLAWAN, BANAYAD SA KAMAY - my BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid Experience

If there is one household chore that I like the least, it would be washing the dishes. I really hate soaking my hands in water with dishwashing liquid as it makes my skin dry and scaly. I also came to a point when my hands got wounds because I used dishwashing paste with harsh ingredient.

When somebody offered me to try Bubbleman, I was a bit skeptical, but she assured me that it is safe - non toxic and eco-friendly. Sounds new and unique to me so I gave it a try.

I first, started using Bubbleman Lemon scent to our drinking glasses. I poured a droplet on the wet sponge and squeezed it. It did not produced as much bubbles as the one I am using for a long time, but it is as effective in making the glasses look shiny and clean. I was able to wash 5 glasses with a droplet and there are still bubbles left, maybe good for 2 more glasses. I easily washed the glasses and it is surprising that Bubbleman did not leave any smell on them, unlike my current dishwashing liquid where I need to wash the dishes longer with running water to remove the scent.

I actually used the other variants, to the dishes that we used for breakfast. Some with a bit heavy dirt from champorado and some greasy because of the tuyo (dried fish). Bubbleman easily removed the grease and oil on the plates and just like the glasses, the other dishes were squeaky clean and smelling nice because it effectively eliminates odor.

It is skin-friendly, too. My hands never got dry or itchy.

I realized that, we can't depend on the amount of bubbles the product produces to say that it is effective. Some products produces a lot of bubbles from a very small amount but leaves smell or worse, causes allergy. Although the scent might smell good but I believe, it is not good for our health as those scent may come from certain chemicals that may harm us.

I also used Bubbleman in cleaning the surfaces like tables, the kitchen top and the cooking range a I want to eliminate the use of chemical-based products inside the house.

I will definitely buy this product. It's about time to show some act of nationalism - support locally made products like Bubbleman; and to love and care for mother earth, too, because Bubbleman is biodegrable.

Bubbleman is available in 3 variants - lemon, antibac and kalamansi. It is available in all leading supermarket nationwide.

Prices :
Php32.50 - 270ml, Php65.00 - 880ml
Promopack - Php55.00 - 270ml 2's and Php120.00 - 880 ml 2's

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