National Swap Meet 2 : the best place for collectors and hobbyists of all ages

There are usually 4 types of audience in an event.

First, of course, are the Kids ages 4 - 12. They are the type of audience who are easily influenced by the media. They buy according to what they see on tv, on the internet, magazines or what they hear over the radio. They actually have the greatest convincing power, but that power is still dependent on the parents.

The 2nd National Swap Meet : For Collectors, By Collectors was a kid-friendly event

Second are teens 13 - 20 years old. This type of audience can already decide on their own and they buy items based on their area of interest and own preference. They are also not too dependent on the parents as they already know how to save money for the toys they want, from Php500.00 up to php1,500.00

Eye-catchers: these colorful keychains were just too cute not to catch everyone's attention

The third type is the Yuppies or Collectors aged 21 - 30. They are the type who already have the spending power because most of them already have a job or they already know how to earn money out of their own ability. They buy real collectible items and considers quality and legitimacy. They can also spend as much as P1,500.00 up to php5,000; sometimes even more.

Booth for LEGO traders 

Fourth is the Adults or Professional collectors. These people can buy rare finds whose prices are higher than any other items for sale. They can buy for themselves or even for other people and they can easily spend above Php5,000.

Actress, entrepreneur and fitness trainor Regine Tolentino also joined the event. Het stuff is perfect for cosplayers - from the headress, to costumes and accessories

Last April 13 -15, 2018 all these types of audience gathered together at the 2nd National Swap Meet : For Collectors, By Collectors held in Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall. The event once more, featured more than 50 brand participants and around a hundred booths with a vast display of various collectibles like toys, action figures, antiques, vintage items, books, prints, merchandise and a lot of unique finds that collectors and hobbyists of all ages can purchase, swap or auction. 

There was also beauty finds such as products from Diana Stalder for the men and women who are fans of skincare. Beauty and skincare products are also worth collecting, right?The GSM Blue and Primera Brandy booth - Bar 1834 - which offered overflowing alcoholic drinks for the adults was also something that oenophiles, aficionados, and connoisseurs, would be interested in.

Ginebra San Miguel's Bar 1834

There was also an auction where the audience can bid for as low as P1.00! Just like the first National Swap Meet, an exciting program of activities and entertainment were provided to everyone such as, fun and games, various talks and panel discussions which provided gainful information and new ideas in the world of collecting as a hobby; as well as live performances.

Diana Stalder, a brand offering a wide range of beauty and skincare products and services, also supported the National Swap meet 2. 

The event becomes an ideal rendezvous for collectors meeting other collectors of similar interests, for the second time. The event catered to all types of audience and spectators as there were right items for everyone's interest. I personally saw how visitors got curious and excited about what's in store for them, and they end up happy swappers and shoppers. 

The event is not just an avenue to create camaraderie to all types and kinds of collectors but it also became a place to show support to our fellows with special needs. Since toys are a visual item for children that can be a bridge or a way for children to communicate with each other regardless of any disabilities, organizers of the event chose Link Center for the Deaf as the beneficiary and will receive a portion of the proceeds from the auctions.

Little boy is having a good time playing at the Link Center for the Deaf booth

Link Center for the Deaf delivers an integrated support program and provide scholarships to underprivileged deaf children, their teachers, and parents. They forge partnerships and linkages and provide relevant information to advocate for support and active participation of individuals and organizations in the empowerment and integration of deaf people in the community.

The National Swap Meet 2 was indeed the perfect weekend bonding place for the whole family. Everybody got to enjoy the experience and their eyes feasted on a lot of new and rare finds, plus they somehow helped their fellow Filipinos in need in their own ways. 

National Swap Meet 2 was produced and organized by ArtisteSpace Inc. in collaboration with the Philippines Toy Groups Association.

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