2018 Century Tuna Superbods Ageless finals night - winners and highlights

60 days of fun and grueling journey...

40 participants from different walks of life - a pastor, a doctor, a student, a PWD, beauty queens, single mom, wife...

Numerous interesting challenges which tested the participants' ability, patience, endurance, and wit...

Finally, 40 of the fittest and healthiest men and women from all over the islands competed for the most coveted title this summer at the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 finals night at the Cove Manila in Okada last April 12, 2018.

The Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 finalists' opening number

The most awaited electrifying finals night was hosted by Jelli Victor, Luis Manzano, and Rovilson Fernandez. The 40 finalists were joined by the ultimate ageless fitspirations, Alice Dixson, Ina Raymundo and Sunshine Cruz - Century Tuna's Power Women - as well as the yummy bodies of Century - Gerald Anderson, Matteo Guidicelli, and Paulo Avelino.

Some well-known personalities also took part in the final search as judges : multi-awarded radio and tv anchor and host - Korina Sanchez, NLEX Warrior's very own - Kiefer Ravena, actress and tv host - Solenn Heusaff, the world-renowned fashion designer - Francis Libiran and model-entrepreneur - Tweetie de Leon - Gonzales.

The 40 finalists together with the Century Tuna brand ambassadors

Before the final judging, sets of special awards were given to the following:

Ultimate Transformation
Jerome Salvado, 39 yrs old, Superbods Ageless
Michelle Garcia, 50 yrs old, Superbods Ageless

Mr. & Ms. Congeniality
Jules Aquino, 25 yrs old, Superbods
Anna Cope, 49 yrs old, Superbods Ageless

Mr. & Ms. Photogenic
Marc Dungo, 48 yrs old, Superbods Ageless
Maureen Montagne, 24 yrs old, Superbods

Special Awardees with Ms. Korina Sanchez - Roxas

Vansydical Athletic Pair
Marc Dungo, 48 yrs old, Superbods Ageless
Margaret Chua Lao, 42 yrs old, Superbods Ageless

Underpants Run Winners
Jules Aquino, 25 yrs old & Amanda Villanueva, 25 yrs old for Superbods
Grech Go, 39 yrs old & Margaret Chua Lao, 42 yrs old for Superbods Ageless

Zalora Runway Award
Ari Simangan, 39 yrs old, Superbods Ageless
Queenie Rehman, 29 yrs old Superbods

Superbod Beachbod
Tommy Tiangco, 21 yrs old
Maureen Montagne, 24 yrs old

Ageless Beachbod
Rob Geronimo, 38 yrs old & Glenda Bayona, 41 yrs old

The 40 finalists in their Swimwear

Arya Social Media Awar
Kim Ross Williams, 27 yrs old, Superbods

People’s Choice Award
Tommy Tiangco, 21 yrs old, Superbods
Michelle Garcia, 50 yrs old, Superbods Ageless

Ultimate Challenge Champions
Anthony Wahl, 30 yrs old & Maureen Montagne, 24 yrs old for Superbods
Grech Go, 39 yrs old & Angel Jones, 39 yrs old for Superbods Ageless

Runway Award
Kim Ross Williams, 27 yrs old & Jules Aquino, 25 yrs old for Superbods
Johann Ludovica, 42 yrs old & Romela Nacar, 43 yrs old for Superbods Ageless

Chevrolet Trax Winner and Chevrolet's new brand ambassador
Kim Ross Williams, 27 yrs old, Superbods

Century Tuna Brand Ambassadors - (left - right) Paulo Avelino, Ina Raymundo, Gerald Anderson, Alice Dixson, Matteo Guidicelli, and Sunshine Cruz

Forty aspirants strut the runway one more time in their swimwear and evening wear before they were trimmed down to 20 - 5 from each category. Those 5 finalists from each category came down to the QnA where they were given 40 seconds to answer a question they picked from the box.

Here the winners based on the following criteria and their fearless answers in the QnA portion:

Criteria for Judging

Ultimate Challenge - 20 points
Body - 30 points
Beauty - 30 points
QnA - 20 points
Total - 100 points

Grand Winners Century Tuna Superbods 2018

Grand winners, Superbods category - Maureen Montagne and Jules Aquino

► Maureen Montagne, a 24 year-old professional model and has graced numerous runway shows, campaigns, and fashion editorials. Hiking and yoga keep her fit and healthy.

What do you think is the best trait you have developed in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle?

Answer :
“I think the best trait that I've developed living a healthy lifestyle has been learning discipline. It’s not just taking care of your diet, but it’s also making time to go work out, making sure that you’re always living your best lifestyle, and really putting your best foot forward in life.”

► Jules Aquino, 25 yrs old; is currently a Sports Science student and coaches a running team. Aside from being an athlete, he also does modeling for runway shows and print ads.

Question :
What is one physical thing that you possess that you can never live without and why?

“What I couldn’t live without is my eyes. Ahm, Not because I’m pretty, it's because I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all the art forms. I’m a very visual person. You know, I love to see movement. I want to see dance. You get to see culture. You could do so much by just seeing. A lot of what I do in fitness is through seeing. So, I try to learn, I try to understand, and I act and I execute.”

1st Runner-up Century Tuna Superbods 2018

1st runner-ups, Anthony Wahl and Bella Ysmael flocked with Solenn Heusaff and Matteo Guidicelli

►Bella Ysmael, is a 21-year-old Bella ballerina, model, and an aspiring blogger. She aims to grow as a healthy individual through the Superbods competition.

Question :
What is the most important lesson that you learned from the superbods journey?

Answer :
“Joining Century Tuna and becoming a Superbod, the most important thing I’ve learned is that, to love yourself. It’s, it's powerful. Loving yourself is powerful because it allows you to achieve anything that you believe you can achieve. And that's I think, that’s what I’ve been able to do in this competition, and I’m really proud of myself.”

►Anthony Wahl, 30 years old. Filipino-Hungarian Anthony admits that his former poor eating and drinking habits motivated him to work out and change his lifestyle to improve his energy levels and mental performance.

Who do you think is the person who has helped you the most in this competition?

“Rather than say one person who has helped me in this competition, I would say I’m blessed to join this competition and have to be the first one where the Ageless got to participate. I think they’re wonderful people and they’re role models, and they give me something to aspire to be. One day, when I become ageless, I want to look, act, feel and be confident just like them.”

Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Grand Winners

► Angel Jones is a proud single Mom to former Pinoy Boyband Superstar contender- turned-actor, Tony Labrusca. This is the first time that 39 year-old Angel joined a competition. She will use this as a platform to promote her fitness advocacy. 

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to your younger self?

“The advice I would give is what I tell everybody is to fall in love with yourself first. Don’t go out there looking for love, because when you fall in love with yourself first, that’s when everything changes: your mental health, your physical self, your goals, your dreams, your standards. Girls! We keep our standards up here, just as high as our heels, right? So fall in love with yourself first, that’s what I would say.”

► Johann Ludovica, 42 years old; is an experienced BPO Trainer who is also into fitness. He believes that discipline is the key to achieve his goals and having a fit body.

Question :
What motivates you to keep fit at your age?

“What motivates me is basically the look itself and the feeling itself. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, and I get so inspired. I see the development. Not just that, of course. When you're fit and healthy, you’re gonna to feel that. Right You’re gonna to be less sickly, you’ll gonna be able to do a lot of things and, definitely, a lot of benefits. You get to enjoy life even more, even better. Trust me on this.”

Century Tuna Ageless 2018 1st Runner-up Winners

Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 20 18 1st runner-up winners, Jerome Salvado and Mica Fuentes with Tweetie de leon - Gonzales, Ina Raymundo and Francis Libiran

► Mica Fuentes, is a 39 year-old professional make-up artist. Aside from her interest in anything about beauty, she attends yoga classes as part of her fitness regimen. 

Question :
Who do you think is your toughest ageless competitor and what is your advantage over her or him?

“I think that my toughest and fiercest competitor in superbods ageless is no other than myself; because I don’t believe in comparing myself to others. I just want to focus on bettering myself. Therefore I think that you should just compete with yourself instead of just keeping comparing yourself with others.”

Jerome Salvado, 39 yrs old; overcame obesity by changing his lifestyle and working out. From 450lbs, he's now at around 200lbs.

When the century Superbods competition is over what would be your next endeavor or challenge?

“I would like to raise more information about obesity. Obesity is a disease that most Filipinos now are facing. I used to face that before. I was 450 lbs., and I’m here right now, living my dream, and telling all the people that are having that condition of obesity that there is hope. As long as you work hard enough and you dream big enough, you would achieve your dream.”

Each of the four grand winners received P500,000 in cash, appliance showcase worth P250,000 from Philips, Mabe and Indesit, an editorial campaign contract from Zalora, a training contract from Star maigc, 1-year unlimited elite membership at Gold's Gym, a May 2018 Mega Magazine supplement feature, P5,000 worth of Vansydical Sportswear and a special prize from Cove Manila.

The 2018 Century Tuna Superbods Ageless is just the beginning of empowering everyone to get fit and healthy at any age. Sexy knows no age. Age is just a number produced by our minds, therefore we can defy it by having the will and the power to live a healthy life. 

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