United Home travel kit, for a worry-free, enjoyable travel

Travelling is fun. It's challenging and even rewarding. Travelling is an investment in yourself. It gets you exposed to more new people, culture, tradition and lifestyle which eventually lets you discover new purpose and open your whole being to new insights.

Making a journey out to somewhere and seeing more of life's opportunities capture us with a sense of wanderlust - we long for more destinations to visit, cultures to explore, traditions to uncover, food to feast on and people to make friends with.

As much as almost everyone of us loves travelling, each one of us also has own struggles with regards to it. As we go from one place to another and meet more and more people, it also makes us expose to possibilities of acquiring illnesses. For some people who love long-haul flights and road trips, they might experience dizziness or motion sickness along the way. People who usually go on food trips might suffer hyperacidity or diarrhea from the foods they eat. These and more problems can be encountered while travelling.

Good thing United Home products come in handy whenever we need them especially during travels.

Here are United Home's line of health and wellness for your travel needs:

United Home Ceetab (Ascorbic Acid) – helps promote immunity against sickness
SRP per piece Php1.75
United Home Dizitab (Meclizine HCl) – relief from dizziness/motion sickness (for long-haul flights and road trips)
SRP per piece Php9.50

United Home Supracid (Sodium Bicarbonate) – relief from hyperacidity (for food trips)
SRP per piece Php0.75
United Home Lormide (Loperamide) – relief from diarrhea/LBM (for food trips)
SRP per piece Php8.00

United Home offers quality-proven products from Unilab at an affordable cost!

United Home is your travel partner for your health and wellness needs!

1 comment:

Sam Aguilar said...

Great tips! need tlga mga yan lalo na sa mga sakitin habang bumibyahe!

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