Courtesy Lane Facility - no need to book online for passport application

Okay, so yesterday the "nation" yes the Filipino nation went gaga over the news that 100,000 slots for passport application will be opened for June 14, 2018 only. The Department of Foreign affairs started to open slots by 12noon for the first 50,000 and another 50,000 slots at around 9pm.

I was lucky to have booked an appointment at the DFA ASEANA this June. But many Pinoys, got frustrated because they weren't able to find any. 

But do you know there's Courtesy Lane Facility wherein the applicant need not book an appointment online?

If you fall on any of these categories, you may avail the Courtesy Lane Facility at any time without the need for an online appointment. Applicants have the option to choose regular or expedited processing of their passport application. 

Those who are eligible to avail such facility are as follows:

  1. Senior citizens (60 years and over) plus one (1) travel companion (family member)
  2. Minors seven (7) years old and below (with their parents and minor siblings)
  3. People with disabilities (PWDs) with PWD ID or visible disability plus one (1) travel companion (family member)
  4. Parents (with Solo Parent ID) and their minor children
  5. Visibly pregnant women or with a medical certificate
  6. OFW with sufficient proof of status such as iDOLE Card, valid employment contract, work visa.

Additional information:

All Courtesy Lane applications and facilities including through accommodation or referrals will be treated as expedited applications and should pay the expedited fee of Php 1,200.00. 
Please be reminded that all applications filed on a Saturday should be charged with expedited fees.
Senior citizens have the option to choose regular process priced at PHP 950.00.
Courtesy Lane facilities are available in all Consular Offices nationwide.
Please share this to our fellow Pinoys, this will be a big help for those qualified.

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