What Are Some Summer Skin Problems You Can Prevent With Proper Skin Care?

What is an appropriate gift to send someone in the summer? A box of fruit? Fresh flowers? As much as nature flourishes in the sunny summer weather, the sun can cause problems for human skin. Perhaps a skincare box would be an appropriate gift to send to a lady friend in the summer. This way, she could enjoy her favorite outdoor summer recreational activities without having to worry about sun exposure-related skin damage.

Beyond Sunscreen

Doctors have been recommending for a long time that people wear sunscreen when going outdoors in the summer. This does not mean that you need to wear the thick “suntan lotion” that you wear at the beach every time you go outside, though. Sometimes a simple, lightweight Vitamin C and E serum is all you need. You can find protective vitamin serums and more among the Timeless Skin Care product line.

Moisturizing Your Skin Is a Key to Protecting It

Keeping your skin from getting too dried out can go a long way to protecting it from sun damage. Therefore, moisturizing ingredients are an important element of your summer anti-aging skincare routine. Timeless has some single-ingredient products that are highly effective at moisturizing and protecting your skin. For example, you can choose Pure Argan Oil, which comes from a tree found only in Morocco. You can also choose Squalane Oil. Squalane occurs naturally in human skin glands, but Timeless Squalane Oil is sourced from olives.

Vitamins like Vitamins C and E can protect your skin from the summer sun, and so can natural botanical moisturizers. You can find these products at the Timeless website. With Timeless products, you can still enjoy the summer sun which is one of the best ways to look and feel young.

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