Market Outlook on the first half of 2019 and how can we seize the opportunity

Election period has a negative effect in the economy of the country. Before and during the mid-term elections in the Philippines, there were short-term economic woes, but now that it's over we hope that the economy will get back its stability for good.

Aside from the fact that election is over and though we may not be in favor of most of the winning candidates in the national level, we still would want a positive market outlook especially now that the Philippines got its highest credit rating to date from Standard & Poor's Global Ratings (S&P). It's now at BBB+, which is two notches higher than the minimum investment grade of BBB.

Also, inflation in the country is now at 3.0% compared to 6.7% in September last year and it is expected to lower down to 2.8% by 2020. Dollar - Peso rating is expected to remain at 53.20 until the end of 2019. There are more positive market drivers and less negative seen on the first half of 2019.

With all those positive market outlook, we may ask, why does it seem like life is still hard in the country? Why are the prices of goods and services still high? Why the fuel price surges from time to time? Why there is still no hike for minimum wage?

There are a lot of factors to consider before these positive outlook can be felt down to the poorest of the poor. It would take time, maybe another decade before that happens but for now, what we can do is seize all the possible opportunities out of these positive changes, and as we make use of those opportunities towards a brighter life, let us not forget to share what we have to the less fortunate so the effect of easing life can be felt by more Filipinos in the coming years.

As most of the Filipinos hope for a solid growth and long-term stability, Sun Life Financial Philippines would want to help in terms of asset management, which is why they launched the Sun Life Prosperity Card available in P1,000 denomination.

This move will make investing in mutual funds even more accessible to more Filipinos. A first in the industry, a stored value gift card may be used to invest in peso-denominated mutual funds managed and distributed by SLAMCI. Anyone can buy this for personal use or can be given as a precious gift ideal for birthdays, baptisms, graduations, and weddings. Thus, giving gifting a new meaning and sharing other people the value of investing. 

Also available in P5,000 denomination, the Sun Life Prosperity Card is available for purchase at major Sun Life Client Service Centers of through a Sun Life financial advisor. It may be activated at any Sun Life Client Service Center nationwide.

The launch of this newest offering from Sun Life Philippines is a proof that they want to change the notion that investing is only for the rich people. As of now, it may still not meant for the masses and the 39.2 million poor people in the country, but it will definitely be of big help for those people earning at least P500 per day. 

In my own opinion, a thousand peso investment will never hurt the pocket. We can give up a few vices or activities just to fund for it. It is just a matter of a small sacrifice so we can achieve greater dreams - long-term, stable and promising.

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