Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino - your HOME in the middle of Greenhills Promenade

A home is a place where we keep on coming back no matter what happens, no matter the distance - after a hard day's work, a weeklong trip or after years of absence. It is our place for comfort and freedom. This is where we wanted our hearts and mind to belong as much as possible.

True to its name, Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino is the "home" every one of us would always want to go to when we want moments of comfort, silence, freedom, and care. From the facade to the interior, the staff, the service, and the food, you will always feel at home in Casa Reyes.

Casa Reyes resembles a traditional Filipino home where you will see black and white portraits on the wall, fine China wares of white with accents of flowers and women, baluster and furniture made of hardwood, old collections of housewares and simple appliances and a lot of memorabilia that will remind you of the laidback life you once have - the simple, serene life that can only be found nowadays in the province.

Casa Reyes' menu consists of traditional Filipino dishes with a twist. They made it to a point that not only will the old generation appreciate the food but the current generation as well, which is mostly composed of millennials whose sense of taste can be picky and critical.

Being a soup lover, I first tried their Wagyu Bulalo which is served piping hot in a tall bowl. I was never disappointed - it's a legit Bulalo with no artificial seasoning. I enjoyed the large bone marrow - what a dose of collagen! They also have Sinigang na Lechon which is as good as the bulalo. Both contain tender meat that even the kids and the grannies will have a good time eating them.

They also offer all-time all-original Pinoy dishes with a twist such as Crispy Dinuguan, Wagyu Mechado, Lechon Sisig, Lapu-lapu with Mango Sauce and more. The Crispy Dinuguan is a must-try for people who have doubts about the taste of the usual dinuguan. Wagyu Mechado is very flavorful, and it will definitely give you the best definition of what mechado is so it wouldn't be mistaken for menudo or afritada. Their Lechon Sisig is a level-up dish. There are a lot of mouth-watering sisigs out there but the Casa Reyes' version is of better quality based on the taste and the preparation. One thing I noticed with their sisig is that it is less oily than the others.

Among their dishes, the Tinapa at Kesong Puti Lumpia with Mango Salsa is highly-commendable. This dish, I must say, is truly Pinoy - the tinapa and kesong puti is our very own local products and the best mango in the world can be found in the Philippines - therefore they all make a proudly Pinoy ingenious dish!

Apart from these sumptuous dishes, they also offer all-time breakfast and combo rice meals such as Wagyu Beef BBQ Cubes which surprisingly is soooo tender and juicy, Bagnet and Laing Combo which will make you feel the best delicacies from North to South, a complete meal for the day -  Pinakbet Rice with Bagnet; and for the meat-lovers, feel overly filled and full with Siracha Tomahawk BBQ Chops and Angus Rib Eye Steak with Truffle Butter - both served in large portions.

For the drinks and desserts, don't forget to try the Watermelon Shake and the Fresh Buco Juice - both refreshing, perfect thirst-quencher. I also have to commend the Artisanal Pinoy Gelato Floats with tablea flavor - it's chocolatey, it is rich in flavors and I love the taste of the original tablea. It was nostalgic because the taste is very similar to the tablea that my Aunt from Batangas used to make everytime I visit their home.

Before going back to your "true" home, don't forget to try their Pinoy Gelatos which are all superb! I can't choose the best one, for they are all best-tasting and luscious. And for the pasalubong, you should get a can of Salted Egg Bibingka Cheesecake with a sweet and salty goodness of bibingka and the fluffiness of a Japanese cheesecake.

It feels good that every once in a while, in the middle of the very busy life in the city; there is a place we can all go to for comfort. It feels great that there is Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino to care for us when we miss our home, when we miss our youth, when we miss our roots...

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