Dahil Sa Yo Ma - my Kwentong KESO for the National Cheese Day

National Cheese Day is an internet phenomenon that has unclear roots. Nonetheless, it is very clear that everyone can relate to celebrating the deliciousness and creaminess that cheese, particularly the country's #1 cheese - EDEN - brings to the dishes we serve our families.

Today is the best day to ask, what's your favorite way to enjoy EDEN cheese?

Let me share you a story about how I and my Nanay enjoyed EDEN cheese during my younger years...

"Mom had passed away 11 yrs ago. But I still remember how she makes every Christmas very special back when she was still alive.

I grew up having a single parent who took care and provided me everything for a living, my Inay. I can really say that we had a hard life during my early years. My mother was a farmer who only earns 100-150 pesos a day. But she made sure that every Christmas we'd spend together is a very special one. 

She would always cook "suman malagkit sa palaspas", pansit, and chicken adobo sa gata for Christmas Eve and of course, she would buy a pack of loaf bread and a box of her favorite "Eden cheese."

I'd still remember, she would always tell me, "Kulang ang Pasko at Bagong Taon ko kpag wala ang keso na ito." That was how simply we celebrated Christmas when I was young. 

Now that I have a family of my own and we celebrate Christmas with a lot of foods and gifts for everyone, I still miss the simplicity of Christmas she had shared with me..."

I can never forget this piece I have written for my entry to "Dahil Sa Yo Ma," an online contest sponsored by Eden Cheese last Christmas of 2012.

How can I forget something that opened up a lot of doors for me? How can I forget my winning piece? Yes, it was one of the three grand winners of Sodexo gift certificates worth P100,000; and I am proud that it is inspired by the woman, the only woman who had never lost faith in me even once.

My Inay was my greatest influence in choosing the right kind and quality of cheese that I should buy. I have always trsuted her instinct for I know she will never choose anything that is not the best for us. Which is why now that I am also a Mom, I never settle for anything less when it comes to cheese. I only choose Eden, it has never failed to give me fond memories for over 3 decades. Indeed, Eden immortalizes our family's bonding moments over food and we all love EDEN just as how my Inay had love this food...

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