Jar' d IN Salad House - not just salad bowls and jars but healthy bottled juices and unique blends of teas

Along the 12.4 kilometer highway of Congressional Avenue in Quezon City are many food establishments which is why it is one of the rising food destinations in the city. And just before the month of May comes to a close, another one has just been launched - the Jar'd in Salad House.

Salad in bowls for dining and Salad in a jar for on-the-go

Jar' d in is similar to a salad bar wherein salad components can be seen on-display, but you can't create your own. To make sure of the safety and quality of food they have salad artists to prepare the order of customers.

The store is located in Mc2 Bldg Congressional Ave. Brgy. Bahay Toro Quezon City. A notable landmark is the Paras Alter Station near BPI. The place is enough to accommodate 20 - 25 persons inside and 5-10 at the outdoor, so if you're gonna be having a salad party for your occasion, the place could be perfect.

Bear this logo in minds for your healthy options of salad

The interior is cool, you will have a relaxing feeling while waiting for your order. There were nice couches and chairs, tables that are wide enough for you to eat comfortably with your favorite salad. The walls are accentuated with simple paintings of food or nature which makes the place look more inviting.

Jar' din offers a healthy salad which is why the menu usually consists of greens and veggies. The owners decided to put up a healthy venture because they too are busy people who want to have something healthy to eat, ready for dining or grab while on the go. They feel the need for healthy alternatives within the area and nearby places for families, for professionals, students or passers-by thus creating the idea of Jar' d in.

This is my favorite part inside the store, very homey interior and furnishings

Each salad on the menu is carefully planned from the dressing and base to toppings and garnish. Sources of protein such as chicken, bacon, and ham; and nuts and grains are also added in each dish which makes it almost a complete meal.

Cowboy Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad

Romain lettuce serves as the base for this dish, topped with cherry tomato in halves, corn, 1 pc hard boiled egg and avocado (optional). It is garnished with Croutons, Parmesan cheese, and bacon bits; added with 1 pc fried chicken finger for protein and then tossed with Bacon Caesar dressing. This dish is simple yet refreshing and is perfect for those who have a conservative taste when it comes to salad.

Salad-in-a-jar for take-out, can last for a day if chilled, but best consumed immediately

Cancun BBQ Burrito Bowl (Mexican)

This dish is my favorite apart from the Greek Salad. It uses Romaine lettuce as base or vegetable with cherry tomatoes in halves; sliced red onions, corn and optional of avocado and black beans. It's garnished with crumbled nacho chips, cilantro and drizzled with BBQ sauce.  It has roasted chicken breast tossed in BBQ sauce for the protein source. It can be dressed with Basil Pesto Yogurt, Bacon Caesar or Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette, and topped with Red Rice which gives the dish an irresistible look. It has a very complex taste - spicy, a little bit sour, sweet and salty. This is one salad dish that's really surprising and never-to-be-forgotten.

There are actually more to choose from the menu like the salad which is Vietnamese-inspired. It's savory and wholesome with the addition of the crispy rice noodles. I will not reveal everything here, I want you to experience those dishes for yourself because they are all worth trying and are all attractive delicious and appetizing. Price ranges from Php200 - 300, depending on the kind of salad.

I just recently discovered that a bowl of salad and tea is a nice combi

Being a healthy source of food does not end with their salads, They also have a wide range of great-tasting, satisfying and splendid teas that are uniquely blended and freshly brewed.

they also offer healthy bottled juices such as Ampalaya Mango and Lemonade Chili, which is my favorite. The Lemonade Chili has the goodness of freshly squeezed lemon with a kick of chili.

Most people nowadays aim for a better and healthier lifestyle and it is a good thing that there are establishments like Jar' d IN which is generous enough to share their expertise in food preparation to guide our journey towards healthy living. Soon, they will also be available for delivery and they will also introduce their sustainable projects as their contribution in caring for the environment.

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