3 Vacation Spots in Hawaii you should not Miss

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S, and it's not even close. The state is absolutely unique, as it is located a great distance away from the continental United States. As a result, Hawaii’s geography is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in the U.S, making for an extremely unique experience. The various islands are filled with wondrous attractions and breathtaking sights, making the state a dream spot for vacationers. You could spend weeks in the Hawaiian islands and still have plenty to experience. Although it is tough to single out particular spots in the plethora of great attractions, there are some truly spectacular spots on the Hawaiian islands. Here are three spectacular vacation spots in Hawaii.

Volcanoes National Park

One of the first things people think about when they hear about Hawaii is volcanoes. Volcanoes are truly impressive natural wonders with amazing capabilities, as the Hawaiian islands themselves were even created by volcanoes, illustrating their importance to the islands. Seeing volcanoes in person is an absolutely amazing sight, simply due to the fact that they are truly awesome creations. While in Hawaii, there is really no better place to take in the awesome powers of volcanoes than Volcanoes National Park on Big Island. Here there is a volcano observatory that allows you to learn more about the formation of the islands, a great educational experience. In addition, you can observe various steam vents and lava caves, making for a truly exciting adventure. If you’re ever on the Hawaiian islands and are interested in volcanoes or the formation of the islands, then you absolutely have to visit this attraction. 

Na Pali Coast State Park

Although volcanoes are often associated with Hawaii, another thing that the state is known for is its beautiful landscapes. One of the state’s greatest and most gorgeous landscapes lies in Na Pali Coast State Park, an area that is sometimes referred to as the most beautiful place on Earth. Obviously in order to have a reputation like that the views must be absolutely spectacular, and this area doesn't fail to live up to its name. There’s so much about Na Pali Coast that is gorgeous, ranging from the flowing rivers to rapid waterfalls, to the blossoming fauna. One of the best experiences that Hawaii has to offer is hiking and camping through the area, allowing you to see this beautiful area up close and personal, and giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Na Pali Coast, you absolutely should take advantage of it. 


Another thing that Hawaii is famous for is it's absolutely gorgeous beaches that dot the islands’ coastlines. Perhaps the most beautiful of these beaches is Wailea, a place that is many tourists’ dream vacation spot. Relax on the tranquil sandy beach at Wailea, listening to the calming waves crash against the shore while you enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun. If you’re looking for a little more action in your trip then you can hit the greens for a game of golf, or travel to nearby outlets in order to shop. Finally, you can end the night with some much-needed relaxation at a world-class spa, getting massages by expertly trained professionals. Wailea is the quintessential destination for relaxation, so if that's your goal then you absolutely should vacation here. 

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