The Gourmet Lounge : Unveiling the Newest Food Destination in Waltermart E.Rod

E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City is a bustling road known for its vibrant mix of residential, commercial, and institutional establishments. The avenue is lined with a diverse range of shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other amenities, making it a convenient and lively area for both residents and visitors. Its strategic location and accessibility have contributed to E. Rodriguez Avenue's reputation as a popular destination for shopping, dining, and accessing essential services. Moreover, the avenue enjoys excellent connectivity to other major roads and transportation hubs, further enhancing its status as a central hub of activity in the heart of Quezon City.

Burnt Caramel Macchiato from Nord's

Among the establishments situated along this busy road is Waltermart, a well-known chain of supermarkets and department stores in the Philippines. Located within Waltermart is The Gourmet Lounge, a haven for food enthusiasts seeking to satisfy their cravings with a wide variety of delectable dishes.

Found at the ground floor of Waltermart E.Rod, The Gourmet Lounge is composed of three restaurants :

NORD'S is a homey and cozy neighborhood bakery & cafe that offers a variety of delicious Asian-fusion meals and baked goods. During my visit to Nord's, I tried their Pan-seared Salmon, Shrimp Fra Diablo, and Burnt Caramel Macchiato. The Pan-seared Salmon had an enhanced rich flavor, and the texture of the salmon provided a pleasurable eating experience. 

Shrimp Fra Diablo (top left), Pan Seared Salmon (bottom mid)

Shrimp Fra Diablo is a spicy and flavorful pasta dish topped with shrimp. Since I have a low tolerance for spicy foods, I requested a non-spicy version, and they accommodated my request. However, the elimination of spiciness did not diminish the delicious taste of the pasta, thanks to the flavorful tomato sauce. The Burnt Caramel Macchiato offered a delightful blend of rich, creamy, and sweet flavors. I was pleased that the sweetness was perfectly balanced, allowing the bold taste of the coffee to shine through. As a caramel macchiato lover, I must say this is one of the best in the metro.

MONGA is a restaurant that specializes in Taiwanese-style fried chicken, known for its thick and juicy slices. I had the opportunity to try their signature chicken dish called Taiker. It features a generously sized piece of chicken breast, which is made extra special with Japanese sauce and a sprinkling of seaweed powder. 

The Taiker, Signature Chicken dish

Not only does the seaweed add visual appeal, but it also serves as a flavor enhancer, elevating the taste of the chicken and creating a more satisfying overall dish. The Taiker is ideal for sharing, and I highly doubt that even those with a hearty appetite for chicken dishes could finish it in one go. Additionally, I sampled their Dark Chocolate Milk Tea with Seasalt Topping Cream, which had an authentic and well-balanced flavor. It was evident that the drink was crafted using high-quality ingredients.

SIOBEE Roasters is an authentic Cantonese restaurant known for its Hong Kong favorites. I was delighted to discover that they offered Beef Congee on their menu, which seemed like the perfect comfort food for the rainy day. 

Beef Congee, clear, subtle yet soothing and satisfying

I was pleasantly surprised by the generous serving size of the beef congee. It had a mild and subtle taste that provided a comforting experience. The creamy texture of the congee added to its soothing and satisfying nature. One highlight for me was the fried wonton wrappers that were served as toppings. They were incredibly flavorful and had a delicious meaty taste. Additionally, I appreciated the ample amount of beef generously included in the congee.

The Gourmet Lounge not only welcomes dining customers but also offers event booking services through their website. They operate daily from 10 AM to 8 PM, and for inquiries, you can reach them through their social media accounts.

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