Save your day from pesky insects and safekeep the family

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes everywhere! But it’s not only mosquitoes that we have to deal with, it’s not only mosquitoes that can spread diseases, bacteria and viruses. There are a lot of other insects that can do harm to the environment and to our health. Just like mosquitoes; flies and cockroaches can be as harmful. They can spread different diseases just by existing; even the slightest contact can be fatal.

Mosquitoes can carry:

Zika -  the infection, known as Zika fever, often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever and can spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus.
Dengue - a mosquito-borne tropical disease which symptoms include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint paints and skin rashes.
Malaria - a disease that can affect human and other animals, severe cases can cause yellow skin, seizures, comma or even death.
Chikunggunya - virus carrier of this disease mainly bite during the day, symptoms can be mistaken for those of dengue and zika fever, virus is diagnosed by testing the blood.

Flies can carry:

Salmonella - the most common causes of food poisoning
E.Coli - most types are harmless but some can cause bloody diarrhea, severe anemia or kidney failure, which can lead to death.
Tuberculosis - an infestious disease that generally affects the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body.
Malaria - a disease of the blood not only caused by mosquitoes, this can be life-threatening
Typhoid - acute illness associated with fever, wherein people become carriers of the bacteria afterwards
Cholera - an infection of the small intestine that causes severe watery diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and even death if left untreated

Cockroaches can carry:

Diarrhea - can be related to a viral or bacterial infection that ranges from mild to severe and can be dangerous to children
Dysentery - an intestinal inflammation that results in diarrhea with blood
Cholera - an infectious disease that spreads through contaminated water
Leprosy - a long-term infection that causes severe, disfiguring skin sores and nerve damage in the arms and legs
Plague - an epidemic disease that can be spread in the air, by direct contact, or very rarely by contaminated undercooked food.
Typhoid fever -  spreads through contaminated food and water or through close contact with someone who's infected

In order to avoid all these, environmental management and chemical control must be taken into account. By observing good cleanliness and proper hygiene, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches can be kept at bay. Also, by using powerful and effective insecticides, these pests can easily be controlled and avoided.

STRIKE offers products that can help protect our families and ensure the safety of our loved ones from insects that carry harmful diseases such as Strike Multi-Insect Killer and Strike Mosquito Repellent Patch for kids. The NEW STRIKE VARIANTS are here and ready to save the day!

The newest and most promising cockroach killer is Strike Cockroach Killer.  Compared to other household aerosol insecticides and cockroach killers, Strike Cockroach Killer is different—it does not use oil and alcohol as solvent because it is made up of a water-based formula. Strike Cockroach Killer is made as a water-based aerosol developed with deionized water that has been proven to be more environmentally friendly and an effective cockroach killer. Strike Cockroach Killer has fast killing action that gets rid of cockroaches right away.

Strike Fly Killing Coil is highly effective in repelling flies by performing steadily, safely and cleanly in the most economical way possible. Most coils are made using inferior materials which cause unpleasant odors, short ignition time and poor insecticidal effect which could cause major hazards to human and animals. Unlike other coils, Strike Fly Killing Coil is developed in the most scientific and secured process which does not include harmful materials. Though very affordable, Strike Fly Killing Coil has natural environmentally advanced raw carbon powder which is long lasting, effective insecticide effects and safe for all.

The Strike Mosquito Killer is unlike any other household aerosol insecticide. Compared to other brands which uses oil and alcohol solvents, Strike Mosquito Killer is made as a water-based aerosol developed with deionized water that has been proven to be more environmentally friendly while being an effective mosquito killer. Strike Mosquito Killer has fast killing action that gets rid of mosquitoes right away.

Strike variants can instantly help you get rid of harmful insects without harming the environment, people, pets, plants and furniture. It is proven effective and very much affordable compared to other mosquito killing brands! Para iwas dengue at Zika, Strike agad!

Like Strike Multi-Insect Killer on Facebook to get more promos and updates. Also, please follow @Strike_PH on Instagram and @StrikePH on Twitter.


1stclassrvadvenrures said...

I was curious how well these worked. Thank you for this review and sharing specially as we approach the season of mosquitoes and bugs with the warmer weather right around the corner

Brandi Kennedy said...

These seem like pretty interesting products. I've never seen pest control coils before - and I had no idea roaches could carry so many diseases! Yuck.

Unknown said...

I love spring and summer but not the pests! I will have to try this.

blue65829 said...

I've never heard of Strike brand, thank you for the review! Every summer I feel like I am waging a war against bugs and this seems like it ought to be in my arsenal!

Unknown said...

Omg I hate insects... never heard before about this product, definitely want to check!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Seems like an interesting product and your post did give me the creepy crawlies a little bit lol. We live in the hot humid south so there are lots of nasty bugs to deal with! Ick!

jessi joachim said...

I live in Florida, so we get hella mosquitoes. It is so annoying! I might have to try this stuff out for this spring/summer.

Unknown said...

I have used the coil repellents a lot of times, so yes, they are pretty effective. Like that it's water based.

Xon said...

It's really important that you have reliable products that will help you get rid of all of these insects. We always make sure that we spray our house from time to time. Especially since it's summer.

Unknown said...

Disinfecting and spraying insecticide is a great way to keep your family safe from whatever the insects bring in your home. These are great products!

AK said...

This is exactly what we need right now we have so many mosquito here every night.

Unknown said...

I found the list of diseased that each insect carries to be very helpful. I will try to find this product in a local store for when we go camping this summer.

duffelbagspouse said...

I love using essential oils for pest control. I use lavender, thyme, mint and citronella and pepprmint to repel spiders and mosquitoes.

Elizabeth said...

I remember these pests from growing up in rural Canada! Now, I live on a tiny island in the north sea midway between Iceland, Norway and the Scottish mainland and we've only got midges to contend with!

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