Introducing Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+: The Ultimate Skin Protection

In the realm of skincare routines, one element that should never be overlooked is sunscreen. Whether you're basking on the beach or working diligently at your desk, sunscreen plays a crucial role in shielding your skin from harmful UV rays, slowing down the aging process, maintaining an even skin tone, and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Amway, a global leader in health and wellness, introduces an innovative solution to safeguard your skin—the new Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ sunscreen. This versatile sunscreen goes above and beyond the ordinary by offering full light protection, antioxidant benefits, and barrier strengthening properties against free radicals, making it ideal for various environments and situations.

Experience Silky-Light Texture and Lasting Hydration

Artistry Skin Nutrition's sunscreen boasts a silky-light texture that effortlessly glides over your skin, absorbing quickly and invisibly to preserve your natural skin tone. The formula provides lasting hydration without any greasiness, making it suitable as a makeup primer that leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Powerful Ingredients for Complete Protection

The Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ sunscreen features a Multi-Filter Blend of five active sunscreen ingredients, providing the brand's highest level of Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF50+/PA++++. Additionally, it contains more Carnosine Peptide, clinically proven to shield against damaging infrared and blue light emitted by screens and electronic devices used for work and leisure.

The infusion of plant-derived, antioxidant-rich ingredients sourced from Amway's Nutrilite™ farms guarantees purity, safety, and effectiveness from seed to skin. The Prevent Complex, comprising Acerola Cherry, Australian Daisy, and Blackberry, boosts your skin's defense system by 350%, delaying and preventing early signs of aging. Pomegranate continuously shields your skin from the irritating effects of air pollution, while the Patented Brightening Complex, enriched with White Chia Seed and Pomegranate, strengthens the skin's microbiome and brightens the complexion.

Experience Time-Released Efficacy and Environmental Protection

The sunscreen contains time-released Cica Extract for an 8-hour gradual release, providing all-day efficacy and antioxidant protection. Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flower Extract safeguards your skin against free radicals and environmental damage, preventing dullness, wrinkles, and dark spots.

A Clean and Responsible Choice

The Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ sunscreen is not only clean and traceable but also certified vegan. It offers additional antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors like pollution, ozone, and smoke, and strengthens the skin's barrier against dry, over-air-conditioned environments, such as offices, stores, and airplanes. Furthermore, it is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, harmful ingredients to coral reef systems, making it a conscientious choice for both your skin and the environment. The sunscreen proudly adheres to Artistry Clean standards, free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and over 1,000 other concerning ingredients.

Endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation

The Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ sunscreen bears the Skin Cancer Foundation's endorsement, meeting the criteria set by their volunteer Photobiology Committee. With their seal of approval, Artistry Skin Nutrition assures that the sunscreen is safe and effective at preventing skin damage that may lead to skin cancer when used as directed.

Embrace Ultimate Protection with Artistry Skin Nutrition

Carla Cruz, the Head of Marketing and Communications at Amway Philippines, expresses pride in the addition of the Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ sunscreen to their lineup of products, which are meticulously created to achieve visibly healthy beauty. As the final step in an Artistry Skin Nutrition regimen encompassing Purify, Balance, Rebuild, Moisturize, and Protect, applying this sunscreen safeguards not only your skin from external aggressors but also the progress you've made in achieving your skin goals, now and in the future. It should be an indispensable part of your daily skincare routine.

Enjoy the outdoors and feel confident indoors with the comprehensive light protection and Nutrilite-powered antioxidant benefits of Artistry Skin Nutrition Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ sunscreen.

To learn more about Healthy Beauty that's clean and traceable, as well as Artistry Skin Nutrition's novel approach to skincare, follow @OfficialAmwayPH on Facebook, @artistryph on Instagram, visit the Amway website at, or consult with Amway Business Owners at My Amway Place in Makati City.

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