Postpartum belts and shapewears to help you regain your shapely curves

Three kids, 3 caesarian sections - only Moms who were in my shoes would know the challenges, hardships, and pains I have gone through. From my first pregnancy in 2005 until my last CS operation in 2014, my body, my physical looks have gone through a lot of changes for 9 years.

Motherhood is a painful yet wonderful journey. It may make us look ugly on the outside - due to scars, sagging and bulges but it makes us beautiful on the inside. Despite the fact that being a mother makes us a better person, we should always remember that it should also be a reason for us to love our self more. Self-love doesn't mean being selfless. It's just mean you're doing yourself some favor, a gift for all your achievements and milestones as a mother. We all deserve that so at the end of the day, we have more love and care to share with the people that matter to us.

With that realization about self-love, I started to take even good care of my looks and my whole personality. I dress-up when I am going out with friends or when I am attending events, I tried putting on light make-up so I won't look pale and at times, I go to salons, spa and beauty clinics for the treatments I can afford. I also learn to properly take care of my skin. Aside from proper diet and nutrition, I also use a beauty regimen to help me achieve better and young-looking skin.

I also try to engage in a healthy lifestyle. I am into workouts and I join races as a form of fitness. I don't do that to lose weight, fortunately, I maintained my weight since I became pregnant with my first child up to no. But I somehow want to regain the shape of my body. I know it would be possible with religious exercise and work-outs.

Let's all accept it, getting back into shape is so hard. If you want an immediate permanent result, you really need to spend a lot of money. The good news is, I found another way to somehow regain the shape of my body and make it even better than before.

YOYO girdle and Fajas shapewear is the answer I have found online. Yoyo girdle offers postpartum girdle for all types of Moms - whether you gave birth thru CS or the natural childbirth. For Moms like me who have had CS, Yoyo girdle helps lessen and manage the pain after the operation. It also helps prevent the wounds from opening thus promoting the body to recover faster. It is made of a superior cotton material that is breathable and comfortable.

Yoyo girdle is better than those postpartum belts I tried, it's the best post-pregnancy girdle, I guess. The one that I bought when I gave birth to my first child is actually bulky and it is not comfortable. It is not breathable which makes my body sweat more on the parts that are covered with it thus making the part itchy. Also unlike Yoyo girdle, the one I bought before doesn't give a nice shape, but instead adds bulges.

When a postpartum belt or girdle is no longer applicable, there's the She Fajas shapewear to instantly give beautiful curves and shapes to our body. She Fajas body shapers are very close-fitting and comfortable. It has a unique compression effect on the body which can be seen immediately. It is also invisible, it is seamless and it does not create lines even if you're wearing a bodycon dress.

Both the Yoyo girdle and She Fajas shapewears help in regaining the beauty of a woman's body. For immediate and best results, we need not spend too much because there are products like these that are designed perfectly for beauty and comfort. They are waist trimmer, body slimming, and shape enhancers we can depend on for any occasion.

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