Historical Sites Around Columbia

The capital of South Carolina, Columbia, is known for many things. However, what many people don’t realize is that many historical sites call Columbia home. These historical sites all come from different time periods of American history and tell different stories. If you enjoy history and ever find yourself in Columbia it is definitely recommended that you visit one of these sites. So what exactly does the city have to offer? Here are some historical sites that you can find around Columbia.

Woodrow Wilson Family Home

This building is the only museum in the nation that is dedicated to the post Civil War era of reconstruction. This time period was extremely important for the Southern portion of the United States, as it allowed for the region to rebuild from the horrible damages that they suffered in the Civil War. This portion of American history is underappreciated, but it doesn’t make it any less important. The building gets its name from the famous president that fearlessly lead America into World War I. Woodrow Wilson grew up in this home, as his parents built and owned the home. The building’s historical significance and the unique topic of history it covers makes this a must-see historical sight if you’re around Columbia.

Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens

The Hampton-Preston Mansion has stood for over 200 years, making it one of the oldest buildings in Columbia. Throughout its history the mansion has been home to some of Columbia’s most prominent and wealthy members, only further adding to the mansion’s local importance. After the Civil War was over and slavery was abolished, the wealthy plantation owners that typically called the mansion home vanished. As a result, the mansion fell in and out of the hands of a variety of individuals and organizations. Finally, in 1970 the property was fixed up and opened as a local historical site. Now local residents and tourists can get a taste of what luxury was like in the previous century by touring the mansion and its surrounding gardens. 

Robert-Mills House and Gardens

The Robert-Mills House and Gardens are known for their extensive beauty and contribution to history. The historic landmark was designed by the same architect who worked on famous projects like the Washington Monument. As a result, the Robert-Mills House has a beauty that has transcended time and generations. The house previously served as a campus for three different religious schools before being placed in danger of being shut down. However, historical advocates saved the house on the basis of its designer and its unique aesthetic. Now, the Robert-Mills House offers a variety of tours through the house and gardens, allowing guests to a glimpse into the history of architecture and how it has evolved over the years.

South Carolina State House

As the capital of South Carolina, it is no surprise that the seat of South Carolina’s government would be located in Columbia. This piece of Columbia real estate that governs the rest of the Palmetto state is known as the South Carolina State House. Like other state capitol buildings, the South Carolina State House is home to the governor's office as well as the chambers for the House of Representatives and Senate. There is much to learn in this building about politics and local history, making it the perfect site to visit if you really want to get a lot of educational value. Thankfully the building offers plenty of both self-guided tours and tour guides for prospective visitors, making it a great site to visit.

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