6 Tips for First Time Campers

Do you want to go camping for the first time? Well, it is a fantastic idea. However, it can be a bit challenging but with the following tips, you are good to go. Make your first camp trip a vacation to remember by having lots of fun. Good planning and preparation will help you to achieve it and enjoy your camping.

1. Familiarize yourself with your gear

Check all your equipment and make sure they’re in good condition before you leave. You can set up the tent in your backyard, and you will have no hard time setting it up on the campground. Sleep in your sleeping bag to ensure it’s comfortable and if you have never build a fire before, train yourself while you’re still at home. This will make things easier once you arrive at the campsite and you will have nothing to worry about.

2. Buy the right tent

A big enough tent will be a good choice. It’s advisable you buy a tent slightly larger than the number of the campers it can accommodate to avoid being so squeezed and get enough space for putting all your gear. E.g. If you are buying a tent for 4 campers go for the 6 Person Instant Tent.

3. Call for site reservation

Be sure to make a call to your desired campsite for booking and also to make any other inquiries. As a first time camper, choose the campsite that is not very far away from home. This way if anything goes off or you just feel camping isn’t for you, you can always go back home.

4. Make a checklist

It’s very easy to forget little but very essential items and especially for those people who get anxious. Therefore you’re advised to have a checklist as you pack to ensure you’ve carried all the necessary items. You don't want to arrive at the campsite and just realize you forgot your toothbrush. Do you?

5. Arrive at the campsite early enough

This tip is also for those who have camping experience. Getting to the campsite early is good so that you set things up in a daylight and get familiar with the site. Again don't make a mistake of strolling around immediately you arrive before setting up the tent, you might come back at night and nothing can be annoying like setting up your tent in the dark. Trust me you’ll even end up quarreling with your partner and you don’t want that on your first camp night.

6. Bring sufficient all-weather clothing

For first time campers, it is good you go camping during summer to avoid the stress of dealing with the rain water in your tent. However, despite being on summer, weather can change. Also, remember even during summer, some places get really chilly at night. So bring enough all weather outfits having in mind that there’ll be no laundry.

Now that you already know what to do, go ahead and start planning for it. You can go without your kids since you have no experience yet, but be sure to take them with you as soon as you get the experience. Always leave the campsite neat whenever you pack to return to your home.

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