Why Travelling While Pregnant is Rewarding: 5 Reasons to Do It

It’s understandable to feel nervous or concerned about the idea of traveling while pregnant. However, a babymoon, as this type of trip has become known, has plenty of benefits and could be a real highlight of your pregnancy if you plan it properly. Here are five reasons why traveling while pregnant is so rewarding.

Reason for traveling
1. It’s an opportunity to get away from everyday life
Let’s face it, we all need a break from time to time, and chances are you’re even more tired than usual now you’re carrying a little one. Travel gives you the chance to sit back, take a breather from your daily responsibilities, and spend some time doing something you’re really interested in. Reducing stress is incredibly important when you’re pregnant, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that travel is beneficial for your health.

2. You control what you want to do
Being away from your usual responsibilities means you can call the shots, and do what you want, when you want. Looking to wander around your destination and take in all the sights? You can (just remember to listen to your body and take regularly breaks). Need nothing more than a poolside sunlounger and a good book? Lay back and enjoy. Pregnancy is hard work and you deserve to rest.
3. You can still visit somewhere new
While it’s true that you can’t travel as far when you’re pregnant, you can still explore a new destination — you just need to do your research beforehand. Spa hotels, country retreats, and chilled-out beach breaks all make ideal holiday ideas for pregnant women.

Some countries require vaccinations before travel, but there are risks involved with live vaccines, which can have an impact on the unborn baby. Always speak to a doctor, who will be able to explain the effects of individual vaccinations, and try to visit a country where no vaccinations are required if you can.

Read Holiday safe’s guide to pregnant travel for more tips on travel planning, plus learn how to make the most of your holiday with a baby on the way.

4. It’s ideal for pre-baby bonding
Your lives will change forever once your bundle of joy arrives — travel gives you and your partner uninterrupted time to spend together to talk about how you feel about parenthood and enjoy those last moments of peace and quiet. (Verily has some ideas for ways to bond with your partner and help them feel involved during pregnancy.)
5. You’ll come home with a new sense of perspective
There’s nothing like some time away to help you focus on what really matters, and this is especially true when you’re pregnant. Traveling will give you time to rest and reflect on what’s ahead for you and your expanding family, and you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready.

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