Carefree empowers women to take charge of their intimate care

The extended lockdown has taught Filipinos an important lesson about the significance of maintaining overall health. As our routines underwent sudden changes during the peak of the pandemic, we realized the importance of prioritizing physical health and self-care. For Filipinas, one aspect of self-care that has gained popularity and importance is intimate care, specifically focusing on vaginal health.

With the resumption of social activities and increased mobility, it is crucial for Filipinas to practice proper intimate care and maintain good vaginal health even while they are out and about. Dr. Mary Ann Ceferina Gonzaga, an OBGYN practitioner, emphasizes that vaginal health can be managed by taking care of one's overall health. This involves adopting a healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise, staying well hydrated, getting sufficient sleep, and avoiding stressful activities. "Vaginal health is a crucial component of a woman's overall well-being. Maintaining a healthy vulva and vagina is essential to prevent infections, discomfort, and the stress that can arise from relationship problems and low self-confidence. When your intimate areas are healthy, you feel more comfortable and confident, leading to a better quality of life for women, their partners, and their families." Dr. Gonzaga also recommends proper hygiene for maintaining vaginal health, such as keeping the intimate area clean, fresh, and dry using water and a mild natural soap or wash. She further suggests using thin, light, comfortable, hypoallergenic cotton pantyliners to stay dry throughout the day.

Recognizing the need for women to take charge of their vaginal health as they resume their daily activities, Carefree, the leading pantyliner brand in the Philippines, has launched the #CarefreePantyLove Movement through an online campaign. The movement aims to facilitate conversations that help women keep their intimate areas fresh all day, one clean panty at a time with Carefree pantyliners.

Carefree has also enlisted Rei Germar as their new brand ambassador, representing the ideals of being fresh and clean. Rei demonstrates how she practices #CarefreePantyLove by using Carefree pantyliners to keep her panties clean and fresh, thus avoiding wetness and odor. Rei Germar, a content creator and Carefree ambassador, shares her belief in self-care and emphasizes the importance of proper care for intimate areas. She states, "Taking care of myself means ensuring that even my most intimate areas receive proper attention. Now that I am out more often due to work and personal activities, I don't want to be bothered by the discomfort of vaginal discharge or worry about unpleasant odors. With Carefree, I can demonstrate #CarefreePantyLove by keeping my panties fresh and clean."

Jason Khu, senior brand manager for Carefree, emphasizes the brand's commitment to empowering women to take charge of their intimate care. He highlights the Carefree Breathable pantyliner, designed to maintain a fresh panty feel throughout the day by providing better air circulation. This pantyliner is three times more breathable than Carefree Super Dry, allowing the skin to breathe. Additionally, it offers superior comfort with its soft cotton material.

Carefree also offers the Carefree Super Dry pantyliner, which keeps users feeling fresh and dry even with heavy daily discharge. It features moisture-proof backing technology to prevent leakage and keep the wearer dry and odor-free all day. The body-shaped contour design ensures a close and comfortable fit, and the cottony soft cover enhances freshness. Moreover, Carefree Super Dry contains natural plant extracts that neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

For those seeking up to eight hours of odor and germ control, Carefree Healthy Fresh is an ideal choice. This pantyliner includes natural tea tree extract to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

To know more about the Carefree #PantyLove Movement visit and follow our social media accounts at and on Instagram and Titkok. Carefree pantyliners are also available in all leading supermarket and drugstore nationwide as well as on official Johnson & Johnson Philippines Shopee and Lazada pages.

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