EntrePinas TV Celebrates Season 4 Launch at Illo’s Home Buffet, Greenhills

EntrePinas TV proudly announces the launch of its much-anticipated Season 4. The launch event, held on June 13, 2024, at Illo’s Home Buffet, was a resounding success, drawing an impressive crowd of business owners, sponsors, doctors, and representatives from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Hosted by the charismatic trio of CJ Hirro, Dr. Eloisa Tulayba, and Margie De Castro, EntrePinas TV continues its mission to inspire, inform, and impart invaluable knowledge to the business community. The show aims to be a beacon for entrepreneurs, providing them with the insights and encouragement they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Season 4 promises to deliver even more engaging content, showcasing a diverse range of businesses and their unique journeys. Through in-depth interviews, expert advice, and compelling success stories, EntrePinas TV remains dedicated to fostering an environment of growth and learning for its viewers.

Dr. Eloisa Tulayba’s segment will focus on health and beauty, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good health while managing a business. She will discuss how being healthy contributes to overall success, embodying the principle that "health is wealth." Dr. Tulayba is known for her insightful approach to wellness, making complex health concepts accessible and actionable for busy entrepreneurs. Her advice not only aims to improve the physical well-being of business owners but also highlights the mental resilience needed to sustain business success.

Margie De Castro, a representative from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, will provide valuable insights into taxation, helping business owners navigate the complexities of tax regulations and compliance. De Castro’s expertise is particularly relevant in the current business climate, where understanding tax obligations can make a significant difference in the financial health of a business. Her segment will cover a range of topics, from basic tax principles to more advanced strategies for tax efficiency, ensuring that entrepreneurs at all levels can benefit.

CJ Hirro, one of the show's hosts, expressed her excitement: "We are thrilled to embark on another season of EntrePinas TV. Our goal is to continue highlighting the incredible stories of Filipino entrepreneurs and providing a platform for their voices to be heard. With EntrePinas TV, I am inspired to put up my own business in the near future." Hirro’s enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit set the tone for the show, encouraging viewers to pursue their business aspirations with confidence.

EntrePinas TV is deeply thankful to their sponsors who have supported them from Season 1. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in the show's growth and success, enabling EntrePinas TV to continue its mission of empowering Filipino entrepreneurs. The contributions from sponsors have allowed the show to expand its reach and enhance its content quality, benefiting a wider audience.

EntrePinas TV Season 4 premieres on June 30, Sunday, at 9:00 a.m. on People’s Television Channel 4, bringing fresh and inspiring content to homes across the Philippines. This new season promises to be more dynamic and informative, featuring a lineup of successful entrepreneurs, expert opinions, and actionable advice that can help viewers transform their business ideas into reality.

For more information, visit or follow us on social media at EntrePinas TV on Facebook. Join us as we continue to celebrate and support the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of our nation, making EntrePinas TV a must-watch for anyone passionate about business and innovation in the Philippines. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or just starting out, Season 4 of EntrePinas TV offers something valuable for everyone, reinforcing the show's commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

EntrePinas TV remains committed to its core values of education, empowerment, and community-building, ensuring that each episode is packed with practical insights and inspiring stories. As the show enters its fourth season, it reaffirms its dedication to being a reliable resource for Filipino entrepreneurs, guiding them through the challenges and triumphs of their business journeys.

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