Indulge in McDonald's Chicken Flavor Fest!

Get ready to savor the flavor as McDonald's launches its first-ever Chicken Flavor Fest nationwide! Starting June 14, everyone’s favorite Chicken McNuggets will now be available with three exciting new sauces: the creamy tang of Classic Ranch, the fiery kick of Fiery Aioli, and the sweet and savory charm of Sweet Chili Plum. But that’s not all! Chicken enthusiasts can also dive into the subtle, savory notes of the all-new Black Pepper McChicken sandwich. This new take on the classic McChicken is savory and creamy, punctuated with hints of delicious black pepper, sure to delight all chicken sandwich lovers.


Classic Ranch Dip - as the name suggests, this is for the conservative type of dip lovers. Although it's classic, don't expect it to taste garlicky. Instead, you will experience a sweet, sour, tangy, and creamy combination of ingredients. It can cater to both kids and adults.

Sweet Chili Plum - imagine our favorite sweet chili dip with a bit of tartness; that's how this dip tastes. For dip lovers who enjoy a kick of spiciness that doesn't linger on the palate, this one's for you. Additionally, if you love making your meat saucy, with a sauce that flows perfectly to cover your nuggets, this is a perfect match.

Fiery Aioli - as the name suggests, this is something strong. This dip is perfect for people who love adventures and thrills in the food they eat. Aïoli, by the way, is a sauce made from an emulsion of garlic and olive oil, commonly found in Mediterranean cuisines. This dip has stronger spiciness than sweet chili but thicker in consistency.

Black Pepper McChicken Sandwich - this chicken sandwich takes things to the next level. The right amount of black pepper makes the sandwich flavorful, and with the combination of coleslaw, your taste buds experience different levels of taste at once, complementing the meat and the bun.

“McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets have always been the gold standard in the market,” says McDonald’s Marketing Director Ashley Santillan. “For the first-ever Chicken Flavor Fest, we wanted to show everyone that there’s always more to discover at McDonald’s. Our new dipping sauces will transform customers’ taste experiences, and we can’t wait for everyone to try them.”

Enhancing this taste transformation, each Chicken Flavor Fest product pairs perfectly with a refreshing glass of Lipton Cool Berry Iced Tea. Fruity, lively, and bursting with summer berry flavors, this iced tea is the ideal complement to any Chicken Flavor Fest meal. Additionally, starting on June 14, McDonald’s App users can enjoy a special deal: a 6-piece Chicken McNuggets or Black Pepper McChicken with a small Lipton Cool Berry Iced Tea for just Php99, offering savings of up to Php77!

From new sauces that transform the iconic Chicken McNuggets to reimagining a classic sandwich, chicken fans will be spoiled for choice at McDonald’s Chicken Flavor Fest!

The McDonald’s Chicken Flavor Fest will run at participating stores nationwide starting June 14. Don’t miss out on this delicious celebration of all things chicken!

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