Why Should We Prefer Vegan and Natural Products for Our Skin?

In today's world, many beauty and skincare brands are emerging in the market. They promise a lot—affordability, whitening, age-defying effects, and much more—which can be overwhelming. The truth is, it can be exhausting to search for and choose the right product for our skin. Finding the product that perfectly suits us is a trial-and-error process.

But did you know that we can minimize the exhausting process of searching for the right product and reduce errors during the trial phase if we research a certain product first and set criteria and standards afterward?

Natural Ingredients

Why is it important for a product to have natural ingredients?

Using products with natural ingredients is important to protect our health. Natural ingredients are less likely to cause irritation, allergies, and other adverse reactions. They are often gentler on the skin and can provide essential nutrients that promote skin health. Natural ingredients also mean fewer toxins because they are less likely to contain harmful chemicals.


When you say a product is vegan, it means that it does not contain any animal extracts. Additionally, vegan products do not use animal by-products in the product or manufacturing process, and the product hasn't been tested on animals. Similar to products with natural ingredients, vegan products are safe for the skin because they are free from toxic additives. Because they are rich in antioxidants and natural oils, they can soothe sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

When choosing products for my skin, these two factors are my primary considerations. Being vegan and containing natural ingredients gives me peace of mind that the products are safe for my skin and will not have any harmful effects on my skin and overall health in the long run.

I believe there are many products on the market nowadays claiming to be effective and provide immediate results, but most of these claims are primarily for promotional purposes. While searching for skincare products that offer sustainable beauty, I came across Elle De Marrer. After doing more research, I found out that, apart from its premium quality, it is also vegan and made of natural ingredients.

It is indeed worth a try, so I bought one product, the Sparkling & Purifying Facial Peeling, to test and see for myself.

First Day of Use

The safety of a product can often be determined upon the first application. When I used Elle De Marrer peeling gel for the first time, I did not experience any irritation, redness, or discomfort on my facial skin. This initial positive reaction is crucial, as many products can cause immediate adverse effects, especially on sensitive skin.

From the moment I applied the gel, there was an instant feeling of softness on my skin. This softness was not fleeting; it persisted even after I woke up the next morning. The long-lasting effect was a pleasant surprise, indicating that the product continued to work overnight.

I prefer to use the product at night before I sleep because I believe that my face should be free from impurities before bed. Nighttime is when the skin regenerates, and ensuring it is clean allows for optimal breathing and recovery. The Elle De Marrer peeling gel fits perfectly into this routine, providing a clean, soft, and comfortable feeling that enhances my skin's natural overnight regeneration process. This regimen not only helps maintain the skin's health but also improves its texture and appearance, making it an integral part of my nightly skincare routine.

Third Day of Use

Some products don't cause any harmful effects during the first few days, but as you use them daily, they can start to cause pimples and skin breakouts. However, with Elle De Marrer peeling gel, I still felt safe and comfortable on the third day of use. Despite not getting enough rest and sleep during those days, I did not experience any breakouts. This is noteworthy because lack of rest often makes my skin more prone to issues.

Moreover, the gel kept my skin soft even in hot weather, which can typically exacerbate skin problems. Another positive observation was that my skin started to feel a little plumper. This indicates that the product not only maintains skin health but also enhances its texture and appearance. The combination of staying breakout-free and experiencing improved skin softness and plumpness underscores the effectiveness and gentle nature of Elle De Marrer peeling gel.

One Week of Use

I continued using it for a week, and I still haven't experienced any negative effects on the skin of my face and neck. Every time I use the product, my skin feels clean, light, and has a noticeable glow upon waking up. This consistent positive experience is something I have never encountered with other skincare products. I attribute these remarkable results to the vegan, natural, and organic features of the product. These qualities ensure that the product is free from harmful chemicals and rich in beneficial nutrients, which not only enhance my skin's appearance but also promote its overall health. The absence of toxins and the presence of gentle, natural ingredients have made a significant difference in how my skin looks and feels.

I can confidently say that Elle De Marrer Sparkling & Purifying Facial Peeling is made with high standards and that the brand is trustworthy and ethically responsible.

If you are like me and very particular about the products you use on your body, you should check out Elle De Marrer online at https://www.elledemarrer.com/about and explore more of their products that can be beneficial for your skin and safe for your health.

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