The Colourette Beauty Breakthrough: Empowerment through Localization

In the dynamic landscape of the local beauty industry, the way consumers purchase and perceive beauty products has transformed significantly. Beauty items have evolved from mere tools for enhancing appearance to powerful expressions of personal identity. This shift has empowered consumers to favor brands that emphasize diversity and inclusivity, celebrating those who cater to diverse communities. Colourette, a female-led beauty brand, exemplifies this transformation, formulating makeup specifically for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

Colourette's Beauty Breakthrough

Nina Ellaine Dizon, Colourette's founder and CEO, harbored a dream of creating a makeup brand tailored for Filipinos. Her entrepreneurial journey began in her teenage years, selling various items such as song lyric pages, Pok√©mon cards, and even soaps and facial sets. Despite juggling multiple roles as a working student, financial constraints forced her to drop out of college. Undeterred, Dizon founded Colourette in 2015, driven by a vision to ensure Filipinos see themselves in beauty campaigns and feel confident enough to say, “I can be that girl. Kamukha ko siya! I can be part of campaigns too.”

Stephanie Tanjuatco (left), Colourette COO and Nina Elaine Dizon, Colourette Founder & CEO

"I was inspired to create Colourette because before, I had a hard time shopping for makeup. Foundations were too light, lipsticks were too pink – I just felt that it was not made with me in mind," she shares. This led to the creation of Coloursticks in 2015, an ultra-pigmented creamy matte lipstick that became an online sensation. It paved the way for Colourette's core product, Colourtint, a multi-use product for the eyes, lips, and cheeks, selling over 2 million units to date. With 24 versatile shades, Colourtint offers something for everyone.

Colourette’s Community-Centered Approach

Colourette has distinguished itself by harnessing the power of community support. The brand pioneered influencer collaborations with renowned personalities like Lily MayMac, Michelle Dy, Joyce Pring, Raiza Contawi, and influential LGBTQIAP+ icons such as Angie and Joey Mead King. Through campaigns like Morena Love, Colourette celebrated diversity within their community.

Additionally, Colourette extended its collaborations with emerging talent, forming the Colourette Clique. This collective of rising content creators receives priority access to brand events, product launches, and merchandise. Aspiring members are selected through an online audition process that prioritizes engagement and content quality over follower count. Dizon's significant online influence, especially on TikTok, has greatly enhanced the brand's visibility. As a prominent advocate for women's empowerment, she uses her platform to encourage women to enter business, offering guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs through her videos. Her expertise was recognized when she won TikTok's Top Seller Award.

These initiatives have nurtured active engagement with their community, affectionately referred to as 'Loucarettes'. This successful digital-first strategy helped Colourette thrive during the pandemic, making it the top local makeup brand on e-commerce platforms during the 11.11 and 12.12 sales in 2020 and 2021. Colourette also achieved recognition on TikTok, winning awards such as Top Creator and Top Seller, and their Colourtint was named the most loved lip product. The Loucarettes' unwavering support led to Colourette winning the Loyal Customers Award in 2023.

Certified Loucarettes joining the event

As the economy recovered post-pandemic, Colourette leveraged its e-commerce success to enhance accessibility. Today, Colourette products are available in 88 physical stores in leading department stores and over 3,000 7-Eleven branches nationwide. In 2023, Colourette hosted its first go-see event, celebrating the beauty of Filipinos of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Over 400 applicants participated, reflecting a renewed sense of confidence. The number of applicants doubled this year, demonstrating the Loucarettes' continued support for empowerment and inclusivity.

Colourette's latest milestone is the First Base skin tint, a bestseller praised by beauty experts and beginners alike. With 20 shades, First Base is the most inclusive skin tint in the local market. "We took into consideration the heat, humidity, and the lifestyle of our consumers," Dizon explains. "We wanted a formula with SPF that stays hulas-free all day and provides coverage for any occasion."

Colourette Beyond Localization

Nearly a decade since its inception, Colourette has left an indelible mark on the local beauty landscape. Under Dizon's steadfast leadership and with the unwavering loyalty of their community, the brand continues to achieve remarkable milestones. Colourette recently secured regional funding of USD 2 million from DSG Consumer Partners, Foxmont Capital Partners, and notable angel investors. Foxmont Capital Partners, Colourette's first investor in 2022, joined this funding round again. "We recognize Colourette's potential to become a major player in the local beauty industry as it continues to reshape and strengthen the Filipino beauty community," states Sameer Mehta, MD & Head of Southeast Asia at DSG Consumer Partners.

Newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Tanjuatco sees the investment as a testament to Colourette's strong position in the emerging beauty market. "For a leading consumer fund like DSG Consumer Partners to see the potential in Colourette is a huge validation for us," Tanjuatco shares. "DSG Consumer Partners and our other investors have such deep understanding in the consumer space that their recognition of our brand's uniqueness and potential makes us incredibly proud and excited for our future plans."

In the coming months, beauty fans can look forward to more product innovations and exciting campaigns from Colourette. The brand's commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity is driving a new era of growth, redefining beauty standards and empowering Filipinos. More than just a beauty brand, Colourette is now a movement that empowers, a community that supports, and a story that inspires. Stay tuned for these exciting developments and follow Colourette's journey on their website, Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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