XPRESSO by UCC Launches: Bringing a Shot of Happiness to Coffee-Loving Filipinos

Coffee enthusiasts in search of a quick, quality brew will be delighted by the latest store concept unveiled by UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines, under the Mugen Group. On June 5, the grand opening of the first XPRESSO by UCC took place at Petron Bel-Air in Makati, marking a significant expansion in their offerings.

“At XPRESSO, we understand that you’re always on the go, and we are here to fuel your journey with a shot of happiness. XPRESSO by UCC is more than just a coffee kiosk; it is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best quality coffee, quickly and conveniently,” stated Mugen Group President and CEO Hubert U. Young during his speech at the event.

The grand opening attracted media members and special guests, who were treated to an exciting performance by Taiko Drummers, along with a raffle, games, and the presence of the Wish Bus.

The Go-To Store for To-Go Quality Coffee

“We are proud to offer our products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our coffee and food items are meticulously crafted to ensure they meet the high standards that UCC is known for. From P60 to P180 for beverages and P70 to P120 for food items, XPRESSO makes premium coffee accessible to everyone,” Young said.

XPRESSO by UCC’s menu features a range of to-go coffee and non-coffee varieties, perfectly paired with pastries and sandwiches. These items are designed for customers who are on their way to school, work, or home, ensuring convenience without sacrificing quality.

The store’s design and branding draw heavily from Japanese pop culture and aesthetics. The logo, featuring a red circle reminiscent of the Nisshōki (Japanese flag) and the XPRESSO name within a stacked box, highlights this influence.

XPRESSO by UCC caters to coffee lovers across different age groups, including GenX, Millennials, and GenZ, who seek quality coffee on-the-go. Its official tagline, “A Sip of the Rising Sun,” embodies its Japanese roots and inspiration. Founded in Kobe in 1933 by the Father of Coffee in Japan, Tadao Ueshima, UCC has a storied history that XPRESSO continues to honor.

Serving the Second Biggest Coffee Consumers in Asia

According to World Coffee Portal Research, the Philippines is the second largest individual coffee-consuming market in Asia, with 80% of Filipinos drinking an average of 2.5 cups a day. Japan holds the top spot.

These figures indicate that coffee is more than just a pastime for Filipinos; it is an integral part of their lifestyle. XPRESSO by UCC aims to cater to Filipino coffee drinkers seeking new and exciting coffee options that do not compromise on quality.

“As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our mission: to provide convenient coffee venues that serve the finest flavors of Japanese coffee at an affordable price. Each cup of XPRESSO coffee is a promise of quality and a moment of joy,” Young said.

XPRESSO by UCC is set to become a favorite among busy Filipinos who appreciate the convenience of a quick stopover for high-quality coffee. With its accessible prices and commitment to excellence, XPRESSO by UCC is poised to make a significant impact on the local coffee scene. The fusion of Japanese aesthetics and Filipino coffee culture ensures that each visit to XPRESSO is not just a coffee break, but an experience to savor.

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